Our Public Service delivers opportunties, protection and better lives for all Tasmanians.

We strengthen communities.

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The CPSU is the most established union and industry advocate for Tasmania’s public sector employees.

The Community and Public Sector Union (State Public Services Federation Tasmania) is a union that represents thousands of Tasmanians working across the public and community sectors.

Our Members

Work every day to:

  • Protect our children and support Tasmanian families
  • Care for the sick and get them back on their feet
  • Keep the community safe and turn lives around
  • Promote our export industries and unique island state
  • Protect our world-renowned natural environment
  • Build the skills Tasmania needs for the future
  • Deliver expert advice to move our state forward

Job and funding cuts undermine the public sector built by generations of Tasmanians.

Why join?

The Tasmanian public sector is a strong union workplace and the Community & Public Sector Union is the union fighting for public services every day.

Join your CPSU, stand up for what generations have built and the values that make our sector strong, and make sure you and your colleagues have a strong voice into the future.

So join us now – Membership is just a call or click away. 6234 1708 Sound good? Join Today

Together we can strengthen our public sector

You know the challenges our state faces and the solutions that will work

You need time and resources to deliver the services Tasmanians need.

Your skills should be recognised and invested in.

Why am I a union member? I believe that collectively we can do far more than you can individually – you do need to stand together and be united. And also for protection; to me union membership is a bit like private health insurance. Previously there have been instances where the union’s helped me. Donna

Authorised by Tom Lynch, CPSU SPSF Tasmania, Hobart

Privacy Policy

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CPSU (SPSFT) Inc. Rules

CPSU Chapter A Rules

CPSU Chapter C Rules

Member Advice & Support Team

Our Member Advice & Support Team (MAST) provides advice and representation to CPSU Members on workplace matters.

Their advice is expert, independent and honest. MAST Organisers provide Members with one-to-one support, identifying the outcome being sought by the Member and developing a plan to achieve it.

MAST helps Members with a range of issues including:

  • Misconduct investigations
  • Grievances
  • Workplace harassment and bullying
  • Discrimination
  • Access to entitlements
  • Reclassification and appeals
  • Workers compensation

Organising & Campaigning Team

Our Organising & Campaigning Team (OCT) helps workplaces organise themselves so they can win on the big issues.

Organisers coordinate Members around an issue and provide the necessary tools and mentoring to achieve the desired outcome. They work to develop local leadership on issues through the development of skilled and supported Workplace Delegates.

Tell us!

Got a story? Had a big win in your workplace? Know a Member or Delegate who’s gone over and above? Our communications team would love to hear from you.

We share news in regular email updates to both Members and Delegates, share news here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Email Craig at cg@tas.cpsu.com.au to let us know your scoop.

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2011-2012 Annual Report
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