The union for public sector workers.

Since 1897.

Our Vision

The Community & Public Sector Union has been representing public sector workers in Tasmania for over 125 years. We’re one of lutruwita/Tasmania’s oldest unions and one of the longest continuously operating democratic organisations in Australia.

Our roots began with the formation of the Tasmanian Public Service Officers Association in 1897. We came together as the State Public Service Federation (SPSF Group) on 30 July 1976.

The CPSU came into existence on 1 July 1994 when the State Public Service Federation and the Public Sector, Professional, Scientific, Research, Technical, Communication, Aviation and Broadcasting Union ("PSU") amalgamated. The CPSU is one of the largest trade unions in Australia more than 120,000 members nationwide. We are the union for public sector workers, workers in Government Owned Enteperises and Universities. We’re proud to be union, and proud to be public.

Our Vision for the Public Sector

Every day CPSU Members work to:

  • Protect our children and support families.
    Care for the sick and get them back on their feet.
  • Promote our export industries and our unique island state.
  • Protect our world-renowned natural environment.
  • Build the skills Tasmania needs for the future.
  • Deliver expert, independent advice to move our state forward.

Our public services deliver opportunities, protection and better lives for all Tasmanians. They strengthen communities and uplift lives. We’re working to build a public sector that’s independent, well-resourced and respected by the community and by government. Together we protect job security, improve pay and conditions for all public sector workers.

To do this we’re building a union that has a strong and influential voice. We’re building a union led by a network of workplace leaders, supported by dedicated, trained and passionate Organisers. Because a community that understands the importance of services provided by its public sector is willing to fight for those services.

Our values are the core of who we are.

  • Fairness – We believe in fairness and equity and will oppose any form of discrimination.
  • Democracy – We’re accountable to Members through our democratic structures.
  • Independence – We represent the interests of our Members and are fearless in our pursuit of a strengthened public sector.
  • Solidarity – We stand together with all other unions and progressive organisations who share our values.

Wait - I don't work in lutruwita/Tasmania!

Well, that’s too bad (you’re missing out) – but we can help.

The CPSU operates through two groups: the SPSF Group and the PSU Group. The SPSF Group (State Public Service Federation) represents the State public sector employees, Government Businesses, and university professional staff. We operate independent unions in Tasmania, South Australia, NSW and Victoria.

We’re one big family, so we know wherever you live, you’ll be in safe hands.

The PSU Group (Public Services Union) represents Commonwealth government employees, Northern Territory Public Service and Australian Capital Territory employees, and employees in former Commonwealth government entities. If you’re not looking for the CPSU SPSF, Tasmanian Branch, we can send you in the right direction:

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The CPSU is proud to be a member-led union, and has been since 1897 – we’re one of the oldest democratic organisations in lutruwita/Tasmania.

The CPSU is managed by a committee of management that we call the Council. It’s made up of Councillors elected by CPSU Members from their own work areas (electorates), as well as Officers elected by the whole membership across the state!

Thirza White

General Secretary

It is a great privilege to lead our union now, at a time when the value and importance of public services has never been greater.  Our challenge is to ensure the lessons of the pandemic are not ignored and that it is public sector workers who shape the public sector of the future. 

For over 125 years CPSU members have worked together to improve the working lives of those who deliver Tassie’s public services.  As General Secretary, I look forward to working with members, your new Council and Executive and Assistant Secretary, Tom Lynch.


In June 1999 I left my role as a research technician at Forestry Tasmania to undertake a 6-month secondment with the CPSU as an organiser.

I never went back. It has been a privilege to lead our union for the past 17 years. 

Thirza and I are a great team and by me undertaking the role of Assistant Secretary I feel I can support her and the rest of our small team to continue to kick goals for CPSU members and to protect the public services Tasmanians rely upon.

Tom Lynch

Assistant Secretary

Grant Ransley


Grant has been a Manager working in WHS in the Department of Health and Human Services since 2004, and has served as President of the CPSU since 2010.

Rosmyn Faulks

Vice President

Tania Shilcock

Vice President

Frances Hall


Tom Courto

Executive Councillor - Protecting our Environment & Industries

Emil Kavic

Executive Councillor - Healing & Caring for our Community

Jodie Elmer

Executive Councillor - Protecting our Environment & Industries

Stewart Huxtable

Councillor - Protecting our Environment and Industries

Natalie Luttrell

Councillor - Delivering Justice & Safety

Leah Woolford

Councillor - Healing & Caring for our Community

Natalie Barkoczy

Councillor - Educating our People

Amanda Smith

Councillor - Educating our People

Tanya Targett

Councillor - Planning for our Future

Damian Hingston

Councillor - Delivering Justice & Safety

Mark Rippon

Councillor - Outside our State Service

The CPSU is proud to be a member-led union, and has been since 1897 – making us one of the oldest democratic organisations in lutruwita/Tasmania.

The CPSU is managed by a committee of management that we call the Council. It’s made up of Councillors elected by CPSU Members from their own work areas (electorates), as well as Officers elected by the whole membership across the state!

Our skilled and dedicated Council ensures our union is well run and develops the strategy we need to strengthen the jobs, wages and conditions of members. Outcomes are key to being member-led.

The CPSU Today

The number of Councillors allocated to each electorate is based on the number of Members in that electorate. The Council meets quarterly.

The function and powers of the Council are set out in the Rules of the union. In a nutshell, it’s responsible for the operation of your union.

Councillors and Officers are elected every 4 years, with elections conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission on behalf of the Industrial Registrar.

All members are eligible to stand for Officebearer positions or as Councillors in their work electorate.

Council establishes a sub-committee called the Executive, which is responsible for the day-to-day management of the union between meetings of Council, as well as determining the powers of the Executive through a delegation of its powers.

All Councillors and Executive members are honorary Officials, other than the General Secretary and Assistant Secretary, who receive a wage.

The General Secretary and Assistant Secretary are responsible for the day to day management of the union. The General Secretary is the public officer of the union and is responsible under the Industrial Relations Act for the activities of the union. The Assistant Secretary has the responsibilities of the General Secretary in their absence.

Meet our team.

Member Advice and Support Team

Natalie Jones

Lead Industrial Officer

John Retallick

Industrial Officer

Lilli Midgley

Industrial Officer

Organising and Campaigns Team

Jess Greene

Lead Organiser

Allen Stennings

Organising Delegate

Kylie Farrell


Trina Meurant


Gabrielle Robertson


Gareth Davies


Administrative Team

Communications Team

Deborah Bradley

Business Manager

Laurel Thomason

Executive Support Officer

Jo Clydesdale

Communications Officer