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Another day, Another Lie – Government will use forced redundancies

ACCORDING to documents posted on the State Service Management Office (SSMO) website last week the government intends to use forced redundancies as part of its plan to significantly cut the public sector. In a section entitled ‘At the end of the six months redeployment’ the document indicates that where a surplus employee has not been [...]


CPSU in the news: Workforce

Tas Govt ditches pay freeze Bill following upper house delay In what has been called an extraordinary dummy spit, the Tasmanian Government has withdrawn its bill to freeze public sector pay for 12 months after the state upper house last night voted to adjourn debate so as to encourage the govt to negotiate with the [...]


Another lie

PREMIER Will Hodgman is saying that every week that unions wait for negotiations is costing the government $1million. This is a lie. There is no cost at all, and no impact on the government, until the date the first wage increase is due – December 4 2014. This is just another blatant lie from the [...]


CPSU submission: Integrity Commission review

TODAY CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch is talking to the Joint Standing Committee on a Review of the powers, functions and operations of the Integrity Commission. In January the CPSU lodged a submission, which you can find below. Review of Integrity Commission Find out more about the review, terms of reference and other submissions here. [...]


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Latest Campaigns

Bust the Budget

IT’S the worst attack on public sector workers we’ve seen in Australia so far. Tasmanian Public Sector workers’ wages now and in the future are at stake. Not only this, but the Tasmanian Government is on a path to undermine the entire bargaining system to do so through legislative change. Premier Will Hodgman and Treasurer Peter [...]


Why Be Part of the CPSU

By joining the CPSU, you become part of a strong, progressive union focussed on maximising the services available to the Tasmanian community and ensuring those who deliver those services are treated fairly and with respect. CPSU Members have access to the full range of advice, support and representation on both individual and group issues. By [...]


Save Public Services

YOUR CPSU joined with other public sector unions to launch a campaign that highlights the damage further public service job cuts would cause to Tasmanian communities. The campaign’s also about broadening the public’s view on who public sector workers: people who provide vital services such as child protection, road safety and maintenance, looking after our [...]


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