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Friday Wrap: the week at a glance

WRIP review deferred WE’VE had significant concerns about Will Hodgman’s Workplace Renewal Incentive Programs (WRIPs) for a long time. These concerns include: WRIPs being used as cheap redundancies, with positions not being replaced which then impacts of staff workload and Tasmanian services Unfairness: age and gender bias influencing who receives a WRIP. This week the Auditor […]


Trans Pacific Partnership: CPSU SPSF expresses concerns

WE’RE proud to add our voice to concerns about the Trans Pacific Partnership. ON February 1 the CPSU (SPSF) joined 58 other community organisations that expressed the following fears: Expert analysis of the text reveals that the TPP: Allows foreign corporations to sue governments over changes to domestic law in unfair international tribunals which have […]


Health & Safety Representatives Training Course

OUR TRAINER Ange is delivering five day Health & Safety Representatives Training Courses through Unions Tasmania. Find upcoming course dates and application for the WH&S five day course here: WHS STATE HSR Training Course Reg Form 2016


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Latest Campaigns

Save our Weekend

PRIME MINISTER Malcolm Turnbull said we needed to have a conversation about weekend penalty rates. We know that millions of Australians rely on these weekend rates and changing these would mean a sudden pay cut for these people. Sign up to the Save our Weekend campaign here and stay tuned for more campaign updates. Here […]


Union Power Campaign

UNION POWER  can save CPSU Members hundreds of dollars a year on power, fuel, gas and internet costs. On behalf of union members UNION POWER can negotiate all sorts of discounts for individual that have so far only been available for big business. Unions Tasmania will use the collective market power of tens of thousands […]


Your Services

See the real cost to the community of budget cuts to our state’s services. Text when you click The Your Services website has been designed by the Community and Public Sector Union as part of an ongoing campaign to protect the public services we all rely on. Its only by recording the cuts to services […]


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