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Unlocking Public Sector Skills

Recruitment and promotion in the public sector is broken. We need to change the rules so you’re supported to use your skills and so your time and dedication is encouraged and supported. Make sure you take part in our Unlocking Public Sector Skills Survey. The Hodgman Government is yet to make the changes it promised […]


Tasmanian schools shortchanged by $51 million

THE TASMANIAN Government diverted $51 million in education-specific GST funding away from schools in a single year, according to a new report. That amounted to $908 for every student in a government primary or secondary school in 2015-16, the most recent year for which full Australian Bureau of Statistics data are available. Independent policy analyst […]


Departure Lounge: Winter Specials

CPSU Members can get exclusive deals on their next holiday thanks the Departure Lounge. Latest specials include travel gifts, hot city deals, coastal escapes, special occasion holidays and much more. Click here to log in to the Departure Lounge website, and find out the password by emailing cpsu@tas.cpsu.com.au or calling 6234 1708 – have your CPSU […]


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Latest Campaigns

Proud to be Public: PSUWA Bargaining 2016

GET the latest on your agreement here. We’ll update this page as new information comes to hand – so keep updated and stay informed! Make sure you have your say on your Agreement. Sign up to join the fight to Save our Public services! 5 Agreements finalised December 22: THE results are in and over 96% […]


Save our Weekend

PRIME MINISTER Malcolm Turnbull said we needed to have a conversation about weekend penalty rates. We know that millions of Australians rely on these weekend rates and changing these would mean a sudden pay cut for these people. Sign up to the Save our Weekend campaign here and stay tuned for more campaign updates. Here […]


Union Power Campaign

UNION POWER  can save CPSU Members hundreds of dollars a year on power, fuel, gas and internet costs. On behalf of union members UNION POWER can negotiate all sorts of discounts for individual that have so far only been available for big business. Unions Tasmania will use the collective market power of tens of thousands […]


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