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Sign our Change.org Petition!

SIGN the petition and ask your friends and family to do the same! Find the petition here and more information below.   Who are we petitioning? Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman   What do we want him to do? Enter into a genuine discussion with Tasmania’s public sector unions and their workers about pay To respect [...]


Tasmanian Government Launches Massive Attack on Bargaining

Your wages now and in the future are at stake. Premier Hodgman, Treasurer Gutwein and their cabinet colleagues have chosen a shameful abuse of legislative powers to override your State Service Agreements and Awards. Your CPSU hasn’t been briefed in any meaningful way by Government, but we understand the following: Cabinet will reduce all headline [...]


Bust the Budget Rallies: Hobart, Launceston & Devonport

PUBLIC Sector unions are holding a rally  in Hobart on Budget Day, 28 August, with a Devonport and Launceston rally on the following week. It is critical that we protect our bargaining system and make it clear that Mr Hodgman’s government has gone way too far in pursuing an ideological agenda that disempowers workers and [...]


CPSU Member Recipe

THIS week’s recipe is from DPAC Delegate Diana Darcy and is called crocodile soup and, as you’d imagine, it comes with a back story. We’d love you to share yours too. Simply email the recipe, why you love it and a photo to j.clydesdale@tas.cpsu.com.au . If we get enough, we hope to publish these at the [...]


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Latest Campaigns

Bust the Budget

IT’S the worst attack on public sector workers we’ve seen in Australia so far. Tasmanian Public Sector workers’ wages now and in the future are at stake. Not only this, but the Tasmanian Government is on a path to undermine the entire bargaining system to do so through legislative change. Premier Will Hodgman and Treasurer Peter [...]


Why Be Part of the CPSU

By joining the CPSU, you become part of a strong, progressive union focussed on maximising the services available to the Tasmanian community and ensuring those who deliver those services are treated fairly and with respect. CPSU Members have access to the full range of advice, support and representation on both individual and group issues. By [...]


Save Public Services

YOUR CPSU joined with other public sector unions to launch a campaign that highlights the damage further public service job cuts would cause to Tasmanian communities. The campaign’s also about broadening the public’s view on who public sector workers: people who provide vital services such as child protection, road safety and maintenance, looking after our [...]


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