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Friday Wrap: our week in review

Fire management jeopardised by reduction in full-time firefighters in national parks ABC News: Four years ago, there were 19 full-time firefighters working for the Parks and Wildlife service. Now there are 10, and only one covering the entire North West region. Read more here. Ramping up for the Hodgman-Gutwein budget next week The budget is […]


Child Protection: a win for CP staff

MINISTER Jacquie Petrusma has announced extra resources for Child Protection as part of the implementation of the 29 recommendations in the Strong Families – Safe Kids Report. This good news comes after a long, hard campaign to raise the issues of chronic under-funding and under-staffing including many letters to the Minister and action outside her […]


Our week in review

NW fire shock THIS WEEK the Advocate resported that Parks  and Wildlife has been cutting firefighters soon after one of the region’s worst bushfire seasons. Reporter Sean Ford writes: “The service now had just one full-time firefighter for the entire region, stretching from the Narawntapu National Park to Marrawah and the West Coast, and seasonal firefighters were recently let go […]


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Latest Campaigns

Proud to be Public: Become a public sector defender

Public sector staff work every day to: • Protect our children and support Tasmanian families; • Care for the sick and get them back on their feet; • Keep the community safe and turn lives around; • Promote our export industries and unique island state; • Protect our world-renowned natural environment; • Build the skills […]


Proud to be Public: PSUWA Bargaining 2016

GET the latest on your agreement here. We’ll update this page as new information comes to hand – so keep updated and stay informed! Make sure you have your say on your Agreement. Sign up to join the fight to Save our Public services! Member Meetings done and dusted! 17 May: AT 24 MEMBER Meetings […]


Save our Weekend

PRIME MINISTER Malcolm Turnbull said we needed to have a conversation about weekend penalty rates. We know that millions of Australians rely on these weekend rates and changing these would mean a sudden pay cut for these people. Sign up to the Save our Weekend campaign here and stay tuned for more campaign updates. Here […]


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