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INTERVIEW: Tom Lynch on public sector cuts, redundancies and more

THIS morning ABC 936′s Sarah Gillman spoke to CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch about what’s happening in the public sector. He spoke about the impacts of cuts across the public sector to services that Tasmanians rely on from Child Protection to WorkSafe. He addressed  ageism and sexism around the redundancy process and the fallacy that [...]


LISTEN: ABC fact check on the Tas Public Sector

GET THE FACTS! Listen to a Fact Check from the ABC’s Louise Saunders on the public sector wage freeze, from the initial Crown Employees (Salaries) Bill to the government’s current budget cuts. It paints a clear picture of what’s happened so far and the government refusing to talk to unions or their workers. Dec 11 [...]


Huge rise in long term jobless

THE Government has its head in the sand, with latest jobs figures showing the number of long term unemployed in Tasmania surged almost 24% in the last 12 months. Yesterday The Examiner reported that almost 6000 Tasmanians were out of work for 12 months, and a further 3000 for at least two years. In the [...]


Unions, community groups slam Trans-Pacific trade deal

Trans-Pacific (TPP) trade talks are on in New York and the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network – a diverse mix of 47 Australian community groups including public health, environment, union, and development aid groups- penned an open letter to Trade Minister Robb. This letter cites mounting evidence that the TPP is not in the [...]


Managing positions: the redundancy process

THERE’S no doubt that redundancies are a common query from our Members, especially what’s supposed to happen in the process. The process is by no means straightforward but there are some key stages where Members should consider contacting their union for help, timeframes they should be made aware of and when they are able to [...]


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Latest Campaigns

Save our Services: Stopwork Meetings: 27 November

Consistent with the resolution of the CPSU Council a notice of industrial action has been developed. This notice instructs CPSU members to participate in the industrial actions on 27 November. Find a notice of industrial action here. This is an instruction to CPSU members to stop work from 8.30-10.30am on November 27. Members who live [...]


Why Be Part of the CPSU

By joining the CPSU, you become part of a strong, progressive union focussed on maximising the services available to the Tasmanian community and ensuring those who deliver those services are treated fairly and with respect. CPSU Members have access to the full range of advice, support and representation on both individual and group issues. By [...]


Save Public Services

YOUR CPSU joined with other public sector unions to launch a campaign that highlights the damage further public service job cuts would cause to Tasmanian communities. The campaign’s also about broadening the public’s view on who public sector workers: people who provide vital services such as child protection, road safety and maintenance, looking after our [...]


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