Tasmania’s prisons are at breaking point.

For years facilities have been chronically overcrowded, putting the risk onto Correctional Officers instead of investing in the facilities our state needs.

Correctional Officers face violent and explosive situations at work. The capacity of the system has simply not kept pace with the growth in the prison population.

We need to make sure we retain the high quality staff we currently have and offer wages and conditions that attract the staff we need to keep our prisons safe.

Tasmania’s Correctional Officers face serious risks every single day they go to work. Here are just some of the key risks they have to deal with:

  • Overcrowding: Our state’s prisons are seriously overcrowded and the problem is getting worse.
  • Worker Safety: Prisons are understaffed and overworked, putting their safety at risk.

Respect the Risk is a campaign to recognise and protect the rights of all Correctional Officers by advocating for a better recognition of the serious risks faced by workers in the state’s prisons.

"Correctional Officers turn lives around and keep our communities safe. But now Officer safety is being taken for granted, and safety is taking second place to the budget bottom line."
Thirza White
Acting Secretary, CPSU Tasmania

Support the campaign to keep our prisons safe.

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