Occupation specific claims for workers in the Department of Education.

Claim 41: Leave Entitlements for School Employees

  • That the inequity between the leave provided to teachers, principals and school psychologists compared to other school-based employees be resolved. This would mean an end to the practice of standdown.
  • That school-based employees have a right to apply for recreation leave during school terms and for their application to be approved unless operationally impossible.
  • That school-based employees engaged to work 52 weeks each year be provided with access to flexitime that would allow time to be accrued during school term and taken off during term breaks.

Claim 42: Salary Sacrificing
Extension of the existing salary sacrificing arrangements for Teachers to all staff in remote/regional locations.

Claim 43: Allied Health Professionals

  • Parity with School Psychologists both regarding pay and leave entitlements.
  • Progression through AHP1 – AHP3 with a review of levels so there is a maximum of 12 levels across this three Band range.
  • Rules for determining the level for appointment be agreed, including minimum levels based on experience, length of degree, post-grad qualifications and regional incentives.
  • Recognition of Australian Quality Framework national classification levels and improved progression via clinical/education and management streams at L4-5 and accelerated progression through the attainment of post graduate study at all levels. 
  • Extend and amend the PUGS upgrade scheme for a non-healthcare setting.
  • Payment of a Mentoring/preceptor allowance for AHPs supporting student placements 
  • Incentive payments for chronically understaffed areas (to attract & retain.
  • Increase to Professional Development Fund; widen scope and improved clarity about what it can be used for.
  • Right to work away from schools when face to face contact is not required.
  • Right to accrue hours during terms to be taken off in school holidays.
  • That government vehicles be provided for employee working across multiple worksites and home garaging be allowed.
  • All jobs in DoE that don’t require teaching qualifications as essential be open to TSSA General Stream or Allied Health Professional Agreement employees.


Claim 44: School Support Staff

  • Extend the application of the ‘Incentive payments for Employees in Designated Schools’ that apply for teachers to all school support staff working in designated schools.
  • Increase in the Health Care Procedures Allowance and include it in TSSA Appendix 16.
  • Extension of the Toileting Allowance to all kindergarten teacher assistants.
  • Review and amend TSSA Appendix 16 Clause 5 – Holidays with Pay Agreement to ensure accrued days are paid out if not taken.
  • That employees who undertake relief work be paid a relief rate for all relief hours worked.
  • That a process be implemented to allow school support staff to express interest in vacancies at their classification in other schools

Claim 45: Teacher Assistants 

Broadbanding between Bands 2 and 3 (or creation of specific classification structure).

Claim 46: Libraries 

Broadbanding between Bands 1 and 2.

Claim 47: School Administration 

  • Broadbanding School Administration between Bands 2 and 4.
  • Broadbanding School Business Manager between Bands 4 and 7 (or creation of specific classification structure).

Claim 48: Information & Communications Technology Appendix

  • Include clear progression/promotion pathway for officers with high level technical expertise but no management responsibilities.
  • Extend Communicable Diseases Leave to ICT workers in Schools.