Occpation specific claims for workers in the Department of Justice.

Claim 53: Community Corrections
Broadbanding arrangement that provides progression across similar classification range as professional stream (P1/2).


Claim 54: Court Officers
Broadbanding between Bands 2 and 4.


Claim 55: Worksafe Inspectors
Broadbanding between Bands 4 and 5.


Claim 56: Monitoring and Compliance Unit
Replace shift and weekend loadings with a 28% all-purpose salary loading.


Claim 57: Community Corrections, Monitoring & Compliance Unit and TPS Integrated Offenders Management Unit

  • That an agreed safe staffing model be developed that sets minimum staffing required for duties at each site to be performed and to identify the service/duties that will not be performed if the minimum staffing is not met at any time
  • That agreed client caseload caps will be determined and strictly applied
  • That penalty rate would apply in circumstances where minimum staffing is not met
  • That processes be developed to ensure vacancies are filled immediately


Claim 58: Legal Practitioners
Performance based progression between LPA1 and LPA2.

Claim 59: Allied Health Professionals

  • Progression through AHP1 – AHP3 with a review of levels so there is a maximum of 12 levels across this three Band range.
  • Rules for determining the level for appointment be agreed, including minimum levels based on experience, length of degree, post-grad qualifications and regional incentives.
  • Recognition of Australian Quality Framework national classification levels and improved progression via clinical/education and management streams at L4-5 and accelerated progression through the attainment of post graduate study at all levels. 
  • Extend and amend the PUGS upgrade scheme for a non-healthcare setting.
  • Payment of a Mentoring/preceptor allowance for AHPs supporting student placements.
  • Incentive payments for chronically understaffed areas (to attract & retain).
  • Increase to Professional Development Fund; widen scope and improved clarity about what it can be used for.