Natural Resources & Environment Tasmania

Occupation specific claims for workers in the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania.

Claim 60: Northern Recruitment Policy

  • For the Northern Recruitment Policy to be replaced with a policy that advertises all vacancies with an open location unless the job must be performed at a specific location.

Claim 61: Hiking and Camping Equipment Reimbursement
Employees required to hike and camp will be provided reasonable reimbursement for the cost of purchasing suitable hiking/camping equipment.

Claim 62: Wilderness First Aid Allowance & Winching Allowance
Introduction of a Wilderness First Aid Allowance and finalise Winching Allowance process and quantum.

Claim 63: Biosecurity Detector Dog Unit

  • Fatigue management (handler and dogs) – loading to apply for all time worked in excess of 5 consecutive days.
  • Loading to apply for all hours worked one-up.
  • Minimum annual training and development to be agreed and implemented.
  • Payment of a dog handling allowance similar to those paid in Corrections and Police.

Claim 64: Parks & Wildlife – all staff

  • Provision of special allowances for specified field centres where they are remote and/or there are above normal cost-of-living pressures due to them being tourist locations based on ‘Incentive payments for employees in designated schools’ paid to teachers.
  • Provision of a housing allowance.
  • Standby allowance for those on a fire duties roster.
  • That employees who have applied for recreation leave and had their application rejected to have a right to take leave at a time they determine within 6 months of their application being rejected.
  • Employees engaged in fire management, response and planned burning activities will be entitled to additional employer superannuation bringing their SG up to 13.5%.
  • Employees who undertake 152 hours of overtime and/or standby in any 12-month period will be entitled to 5 days of Fatigue Management Leave. For each additional hour of overtime and/or standby beyond 152 hours undertaken during that period they will be entitled to an additional 0.25 hours of Fatigue Management Leave up to an annual cap of 10 days

Claim 65: Parks & Wildlife – Field Officers

  • Reinstatement of recognised training through TasTAFE in skills such as building & construction, weed management and earth works.
  • Broadbanding of Field Officers between Band 2 and 3.

Claim 66: Parks & Wildlife – Rangers
Broadbanding of Rangers between Band 3 and 4.

Claim 67: Parks & Wildlife – Visitor Information Officers, Visitor Reception Officers, and Visitor Service Officers
Broadbanding of VIO, VRO and VSOs between Band 1 and 3.

Claim 68: Information & Communications Technology Appendix
Include clear progression/promotion pathway for officers with high level technical expertise but no management responsibilities.