Premier & Cabinet

Occupation specific claims for workers in the Department of Premier & Cabinet.

Claim 83: Service Tasmania

  • Annual review of permanent part-time employees who regularly work above their contracted hours and conversion of those hours to permanent.
  • Conversion of the casual relief pool to a permanent relief pool to provide job security and to allow for skill development.
  • Start and finish times to be reviewed to provide reasonable paid time prior to shop opening and time after closing to serve clients waiting so working hours are predictable.
  • Additional employees added to establishment of urban shops to address workload.
  • That shop security arrangements to be reviewed with a particular focus on any situations where there is a single employee in a shop and that minimum staffing levels be adopted for all shops.

Claim 84: Information & Communications Technology Appendix
Include clear progression/promotion pathway for ICT officers with high level technical expertise but no management responsibilities.

Claim 85: Ministerial Drivers
For Schedule 1 of the Ministerial Drivers Agreement to show a Total Salary for each Level that comprises the base salary and the industry allowance.