Shift Work and Field Work

Claims from the CPSU’s Shift and Field Work Advisory Forum.

Claim 107: Shift & Field Work Advisory Forum – Shift Work Provisions

  • Clear definitions of day worker and shift worker.
  • A regulated process for transitioning an employee from being a day worker to being a shift worker and vice versa that requires the approval of the employee and notification of the union.
  • Defined shifts that include morning, day, afternoon and night shift with morning and afternoon shifts attracting an 18% loading and night shifts attracting a 27.5% loading.
  • A minimum 10-hour break between shifts which increases to 12 hours if the travel time between work and home exceeds a total of 1 hour.
  • Detailed rostering provisions that include, as a minimum, rosters being for a 28-day period notified at least 14 days before the start of the roster period. For penalties to apply to shift changes after the 14-day notice period.
  • Maximum number of consecutive night shifts to be defined and maximum number of consecutive shifts to be defined.
  • Rules to ensure rostered days off are consecutive and coincide with accrued days off.
  • Principle of equity must be upheld in rostering to ensure ‘good’ and ‘bad’ roster patterns are shared.