Trauma-safe Workplaces

Working to make our workplaces safe from trauma and occupational violence.

Claim 10: Provision of Systems to Reduce the Risk of Exposure to Trauma
Clauses included in Awards requiring the employer to implement effective systems, processes and training to reduce the risk of violent events in workplaces and prevent the effects of exposure to traumatic events or materials.

Claim 11: Serious Incident Leave
An Award entitlement to 2 days of paid leave following a serious incident occurring in the workplace with additional days provided at the discretion of the head of Agency. The leave is provided to allow for rest and recovery and to seek counselling and professional support. Serious incidents include occupational violence and major incidents. This should be backdated to December 2021 to cover those involved in the Hillcrest tragedy who were required to take annual leave.

Claim 12: Additional Recreation Leave
Employees appointed to roles that regularly expose them to vicarious trauma including occupational violence, exposure to sexually explicit materials, exposure to details of family violence, self-harm, child abuse or exploitation, crime scenes, or serious animal welfare cases will be provided an additional 10 days of recreation leave each year (pro-rata for part-time employees).

Claim 13: Bullying and Harassment Grievance Process

Processes for addressing grievances associated with bullying or harassment will be reviewed and overhauled to ensure they are speedy, treat all parties with respect and keep them updated on progress and, as far as possible, avoid the accuser/accused model. The process will include a central oversight body.

Claim 14: Mental Health Support

  • That employees have access to trauma specialised critical incident support and not just EAP services.
  • That where trauma specialised critical incident support is not available that the employer reimburse the cost for employees to obtain support and treatment through private providers.