Unlocking Public Sector Skills

To serve our community we need to recognise and unlock the skills that exist across our Public Sector.

Claim 29: Mobility Register
That the mobility register the employer committed to in 2019 be established. This would allow employees to be considered for vacant positions at their substantive level, across the State Service, before external recruitment commences.

Claim 30: Study Leave 
That employees be entitled to 10 days paid study leave per annum to undertake study in an area related to their role or where the skills/knowledge acquired adds value to their role.

Claim 31: Improved Recognition of Responsibility in Operational Functions 
Employees in operational roles without management responsibilities are often under-classified. We seek to amend the Tasmanian State Service Award General Stream classification descriptors to better recognise the level of responsibility of positions in operational functions.

Claim 32: Competency assessment
In some hard-to-fill occupations retention would be assisted if employees could move through the Band levels more quickly. We seek to allow for progression & competency assessments to be undertaken throughout the year, instead of only being undertaken once a year on an employee’s anniversary. This would include normal progression, advanced progression, and accelerated progression.