CPSU Women’s Claims

Claims from the CPSU’s Women’s Advisory Forum.

Claim 89: Non-gendered Infant Feeding Policy

For Awards to be amended to modify ‘breastfeeding policies’ to encourage partners to support breastfeeding in the workplace.

Claim 90: Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Leave

Five days per year of paid reproductive health leave for the purpose of treatment and management of ill health/symptoms and flexible working arrangements to facilitate the continuation of duties being performed in a comfortable working environment.

Claim 91: Paid Leave for Miscarriage

Five days paid leave in the event of a miscarriage where the employee is not eligible for special maternity leave.

Claim 92: The Right to Disconnect

New provision giving employees a right to disconnect from work-related communication outside of the employee’s paid hours of work.

Claim 93: Order to Stop Bullying or Sexual Harassment
Creation of an entitlement for an employee to apply to the Tasmanian Industrial Commission to have an order to stop bullying or sexual harassment (or both) at work heard and determined.

Claim 94: Measures to reduce gender-based inequality and harassment

An affirmative statement to be included in relevant Awards committing the Employer to the reduction of gender-based inequality, violence and harassment in the Tasmanian State Service.