Child Safety Emergency Workforce Package

Community & Public Sector Union members call on Premier Rockliff to urgently approve the following to address the long-term recruitment and retention crisis confronting Children and Youth Services

Recruitment Package

  1. That Child Safety Officers and Advice & Referral Officers be able to progress through Allied Health Professional Band 1 to Band 3. This would allow CYF to advertise CSO and ARL roles with a salary range of $64,072 -$107,629
  2. That Practice Leaders be able to progress through Allied Health Professional Band 3 to Band 4. This would allow CYF to advertise Practice Leader roles with a salary range of $96,698 -$118,949
  3. That rules for determining the level for appointment for CSO, ARL and Practice Leaders be changed to recognise experience, length of degree, post-grad qualifications and regional incentives. This would mean experienced staff would be appointed at higher salary points
  4. That new employees be paid a sign on bonus of $2,000

Retention Package

  1. That the classification level of all existing staff be reviewed, and accelerated progression occur to ensure their qualifications, knowledge and experience is reflected in their level
  2. That the advanced assessment criteria that currently applies for CSO & ARL between AHP 1 and 2 be replaced by a simple skills and experience assessment
  3. That until all vacancies have been filled a standing approval of overtime be issued so that all additional hours worked be paid as overtime
  4. That social work students be paid for their placements and on successful completion of their training be automatically appointed to permanent roles
  5. That a career path be developed for Support Workers and admin staff that encourages them to gain skills, knowledge and qualifications to transition to CSO/ARL roles
  6. That all staff be provided an additional 10 days leave each year to provide time to recover from their regular exposure to vicarious trauma
  7. That all existing staff be paid a $2,000 retention bonus

Premier Rockliff must also use the opportunity presented by the Federal Government’s Jobs and Skills Summit to next week to pursue the following:

  1. Funding of HECS free University courses in Child Protection related disciplines
  2. To extend charity tax status to State Government Child Protection services to enable those Agencies to offer competitive wages with the NGO sector
  3. The provision of Commonwealth income subsidies to support Child Protection staff working in regions with a proven inability to recruit and retain trained staff
  4. Support with mental health programs for Child Protection staff including ongoing mental health professional supervision with psychologist of choice through Medicare funded mental health plans

Premier Rockliff: Have a heart.

Protect, Respect and Resource Child Safety workers!