Working from Alternate Locations

Claims from the CPSU’s Working from Remote Location Advisory Forum.

Claim 108: Right to work remotely

  • Ensure that workplace flexibility arrangements are strengthened, and these rights includes the right to work remotely from an office but not just from home to allow greater work life balance. This would include, for example, working from an interstate location or from a child’s sports carnival.
  • Protections to ensure surveillance or accountability requirements from employees working outside a traditional office are not greater or more onerous than what exists at the shared workplace. This would include the right to go offline.
  • Removal of arbitrary caps on working remotely.

Claim 109: Greater equity of access to flexible working arrangements 

  • Reverse the onus for approval for flexible workplace arrangements. A request is approved unless employer can demonstrate why a flexible working arrangement cannot be facilitated.
  • Access to a minimum of 10 days remote working for all workers covered by TSSA & HAHSA regardless of role.