School funding is in crisis.

So why is the Gutwein Government promising to cut funding to 65 schools across Tasmania?

Learn more about the cuts, and what we can do this election to make our voices heard.

Like his predecessors, Peter Gutwein has promised “record levels” of school funding across the state.

When you account for rising school costs and the number of pupils their budgets have to cover, the numbers just don’t add up.  

Student-teacher ratios do not take into account teacher aides or non-teaching staff at schools, only the full-time equivalent teachers.

For over five years union members have been attempting to work with the Government to resolve chronic understaffing of School Administration through the development of a School Administration Staffing Formula.

Despite the new staffing formula being developed to resolve under resourcing, the Department of Education is now proposing that 65 schools have their administrative staffing cut.

Peter Gutwein and Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff need to step in and act.

This year 65 Tasmanian schools will have their staffing cut.

School funding in Tasmania is in crisis. There is no denying the numbers.

But how did we get here? And what will it mean for our kids?

So what does this mean for our kids? 

The impact of these funding cuts are dire.

Teacher Assistants, School Administrative Staff, Business Managers and other Education Support Personnel are already working longer hours, under greater pressure, and filling gaps in funding out of their own pockets to prevent the negative impact on children’s education.

“Fixing” the crisis in school funding by simply cutting funding from other schools isn’t a fix at all.

That’s why union members are taking action to pressure every candidate to commit to fighting for adequate funding for every school – regardless of political allegiance. 

The CPSU has written to Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff calling on him to take action, but we need your help.

Together we are fighting to protect every child’s right to a decent education.

Here’s what can you do right now to help your school:

  1. Signing our Petition
  2. Tell every parent and teacher you know by sharing this page.
  3. Join your union to tell the Gutwein Government enough is enough.

"Is the Gutwein Government planning to cut my school?"

Here is the complete list of schools set to be cut under the Department of Education’s new School Administration Staffing Formula:

  1. Andrews Creek Primary School

  2. Beaconsfield Primary School

  3. Blackmans Bay Primary School

  4. Bowen Road Primary School

  5. Brooks High School

  6. Campbell Street Primary School

  7. Claremont College

  8. Cressy District High School

  9. Cygnet Primary School

  10. Deloraine Primary School

  11. Devonport High School

  12. Devonport Primary School

  13. Don College

  14. East Devonport Primary School

  15. East Tamar Primary School

  16. Fairview Primary School

  17. Geeveston Primary School

  18. Glen Dhu Primary School

  19. Glenorchy Primary School

  20. Hagley Farm Primary School

  21. Hellyer College

  22. Huonville High School

  23. Huonville Primary School

  24. JRLF – East Derwent Primary

  25. JRLF – Gagebrook Primary School

  26. JRLF – Herdsmans Cove Primary

  27. Kempton Primary School

  28. Kingston Primary School

  29. Latrobe Primary School

  30. Launceston College

  31. Montrose Bay High School

  32. New Norfolk Primary School

  33. New Town High School

  34. Newstead College

  35. Nixon Street Primary School

  36. Oatlands District High School

  37. Ogilvie High School

  38. Ouse District School

  39. Prospect High School

  40. Ravenswood Heights Primary School

  41. Reece High School

  42. Ridgley Primary School

  43. Risdon Vale Primary School

  44. Romaine Park Primary School

  45. Rosebery District High School

  46. Rosetta Primary School

  47. Rosny College

  48. Scottsdale Primary School

  49. South George Town Primary School

  50. Sprent Primary School

  51. Spreyton Primary School

  52. St Helens District High School

  53. St Marys District School

  54. Strahan Primary School

  55. Summerdale Primary School

  56. Swansea Primary School

  57. Taroona Primary School

  58. Tasman District School

  59. Warrane Primary School

  60. Waverley Primary School

  61. West Ulverstone Primary School

  62. Westerway Primary School

  63. Winnaleah District High School

  64. Wynyard High School

  65. Yolla District School

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