CPSU Member John Kamara running for Leg Co Division of Hobart this weekend

Why did you make the decision to run for election? I was encouraged to run for election by many people across the political spectrum. As Tasmanian Australian of the Year in 2023 I had the privilege of meeting very many Tasmanians and that experience, together with the accumulated effect of all my years of advocacy work for the community, helped me to make the decision. I see it as a new opportunity to listen, consult, address the gaps in the system, and create positive change including for marginalised communities. The decision was also about motivating all the people who might not usually feel invested in politics to come forward and contribute and feel more involved in the future of the state. 


What is your connection to the public service? I have worked in Child Safety Services for fifteen years and I have been a member of the Public Sector Union for around fourteen years. I know the needs of workers firsthand from working on the front line in a challenging role and also working in middle management. I have recently been appointed as a Senior Cultural Consultant, so I am connected with the public service that way. Also, through all my volunteer work I have had connections with different arms of government such as the Department of Premier and Cabinet, the Department of Health, the Department of Education, and the Department of Justice and many more, as well as with many private and community organisations. 

How do you plan to stand up for public services and public sector workers if elected? I have always advocated for the needs of staff and supported staff in my time at Child Safety and the key areas that I will continue to advocate for are around recruitment for safe and adequate staffing levels, improvement of the work culture and general working conditions, pay to match the continually rising cost of living, job security, appropriate resourcing and improvements to general working conditions, and a policy framework and management culture that supports the retention of a representatively diverse,  skilled and experienced staff. 

Anything else you would like CPSU members to know about you? 

I was awarded last year because I had given my time and energy to supporting the community to work together for a better, more inclusive, and cohesive Tasmania where everyone feels a sense of safety and belonging, and where wealth and resources are shared equitably. If elected I will honestly commit to serving the community in this new capacity, listening and hearing , including from those whose voices are not always heard, and working hard to create a dynamic,  fair and inclusive community. 

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