Public Sector Parity

Wherever you work in our Public Sector you should have parity with the same pay and conditions across the public sector and with similar occupations on the mainland to attract and retain employees in a tight labour market.

Claim 20: TSSA Shift Provisions
Comprehensive and contemporary shift provisions be inserted in the Tasmanian State Service Award.

(Also see Claim 107 -Shift Work Provisions)


Claim 21: Time off in Lieu of Overtime

  • Time of in lieu provisions will be reviewed to ensure TOIL is automatically paid out at overtime rates if not taken.

Claim 22:Higher Duties Allowance and More Responsible Duties Allowance

  • Employees asked to work higher duties or more responsible duties are often only paid an allowance based on the difference between their salary at the top of their Band and the salary at the bottom of the next Band. To make a HAD/MRDA fair recompense it should be paid as a minimum 3 levels higher than an employee’s normal level.
  • That the 5-day eligibility criteria for higher duties allowance or more responsible duties allowance not apply in circumstances where the role requires delegated functions to be undertaken or where the usual oversight of the role is not provided due to emergency circumstances.
  • That employees on fixed term appointments be provided access to a higher duties allowance or more responsible duties allowance within their existing contract.

Claim 23: Workplace Flexibility Arrangements
That Award Workplace Flexibility Arrangement clauses be amended to make clear that a WFA has no effect until a copy has been provided to a union to be checked for no disadvantage.

Claim 24: Eligibility For Overtime and Recall

  • That Awards be amended to remove any classification limits on access to overtime, recall and availability.
  • That the Tasmanian State Service Award be amended so any hours worked in excess of 36.75 in a week be defined as overtime (or 38 hours for those who work a 38 hour week).
  • That Health & Human Services Award be amended such that shift loadings are paid on public holidays.

Claim 25: Home Garaging
That where it is efficient for an employee to travel directly from their home to work at a location other than their normal workplace that they be allowed to home garage a work vehicle and for the employer to meet any costs associated with this home garaging.

Claim 26: Mentoring/Precursor/Assessor Allowance
That employees required to support, train or supervise student placements or to train or assess colleagues be paid an hourly mentoring/precursor/assessor allowance.

Claim 27: Reclassification
Where an employee seeks a classification review of their duties and the review finds they are performing duties at a higher Band, they will be entitled to a Higher Duties Allowance for the period they have been performing duties at a higher Band.

Claim 28: Minimum Shift Lengths
That the minimum engagement for a casual employee be 4 hours.