Public sector caps keeping wages low

The Reserve Bank Governor Rob Lowe has called for wage rises in the three per cent range, warning that public sector pay caps are entrenching low wage growth. RBA Governor Rob Lowe said the following to a House of Representatives economic committee last week: “In the medium term, I think wages in Australia should be […]


12-Month Agreement Offers Signed & Registered

We now have the following signed registered 12-month agreements: • Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement • Allied Health Professionals Agreement • Port Arthur Historic Site Agreement • Ministerial Drivers Agreement • Legal Practitioners Agreement • Radiation Therapist Agreement • Dental Officers Agreement Correctional Officers Agreement is still on its way. What you achieved working together […]


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Latest Campaigns

Tasmania Needs a Pay Rise

Since 2011 Tasmanian governments have capped the wages of Tasmanians working in the public sector, like rangers, health professionals, teachers and nurses, at 2% per annum. Premier Will Hodgman plans to continue this 2% cap until at least 2023. For many of these Tasmanians this means a struggle to make ends meet while the cost […]


Change the Rules

JOIN THE MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE:   CHANGE THE RULES FOR BETTER JOBS, BETTER SERVICES Australian Unions pushing for a better public services and jobs A big chunk of the Australian Unions’ Jobs You Can Count On Strategy is dedicated to improving public services and the jobs that deliver them. The jobs you count on […]


Jobs You Can Count On

  The services you deliver each day rely on jobs you can count on. Unions believe you deserve jobs that pay a decent wage,  are secure and allow you to live quality lives. This is what the Tasmanian unions Jobs You Can Count On campaign is all about. Unions Tasmania Secretary Jessica Munday: “Tasmanian Unions […]


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