Expand public sector employment to boost economy and jobs

Soon Premier Gutwein will need to swap hats and become Treasurer Gutwein and it will be interesting to see what he has learned from his recent experience. Will he undergo a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde transformation, or will he continue to listen to the experts and act on their advice in the interests of all Tasmanians?


CPSU Elections Delayed

Once the AEC considers it is safe from them to undertake the election they will formally call for nominations from eligible members.


2019 Wage & Agreement Offers

We have received offers from the Hodgman government for the following Agreements: Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement Allied Health Professionals Agreement Radiation Therapists Agreement Ministerial Drivers Agreement Legal Practitioners Agreement


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Latest Campaigns

Jobs You Can Count On

  The services you deliver each day rely on jobs you can count on. Unions believe you deserve jobs that pay a decent wage,  are secure and allow you to live quality lives. This is what the Tasmanian unions Jobs You Can Count On campaign is all about. Unions Tasmania Secretary Jessica Munday: “Tasmanian Unions […]


Unlocking Public Sector Skills

RECRUITMENT & PROMOTION IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR IS BROKEN IT TAKES months to fill a job, competent staff often lose the job they love when seeking reclassification and many of you work at a higher band every day for no additional pay. It’s time to change the rules so you’re supported to use your skills […]


Scrap the Cap

It’s time the Hodgman Government scrapped the cap and negotiated your next agreement in good faith – ie without a pre-determined wage outcome.


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