Sign the petition to protect our threatened species

Seventeen birds and mammals, including the Orange-Bellied Parrot, are expected to disappear in the next 20 years unless we improve the protection of threatened species and their habitat. But the Turnbull Government wants to slash the jobs of 60 of the people who are working to protect them. Click here to sign the petition to […]


School Support Staff Awards

School Support Staff work together to make schooling happen: they support our students, teachers, parents and keep our schools running.   Do you know a School Support Staff team at the school where you work or send your child to who should be recognised for their contribution to the school community?  Then nominate them today! […]


Budget Update

The Tasmanian budget released yesterday confirms that Will Hodgman does not value you, your professionalism or dedication to serving the community.   The budget papers reveal provision for only a 2% wage rise for public sector workers until at least 2023 which is the continuation of an arbitrary and unfair cap on your wages by […]


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Latest Campaigns

Change the Rules

JOIN THE MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE:   CHANGE THE RULES FOR BETTER JOBS, BETTER SERVICES Australian Unions pushing for a better public services and jobs A big chunk of the Australian Unions’ Jobs You Can Count On Strategy is dedicated to improving public services and the jobs that deliver them. The jobs you count on […]


Jobs You Can Count On

  The services you deliver each day rely on jobs you can count on. Unions believe you deserve jobs that pay a decent wage,  are secure and allow you to live quality lives. This is what the Tasmanian unions Jobs You Can Count On campaign is all about. Unions Tasmania Secretary Jessica Munday: “Tasmanian Unions […]


Unlocking Public Sector Skills

RECRUITMENT & PROMOTION IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR IS BROKEN IT TAKES months to fill a job, competent staff often lose the job they love when seeking reclassification and many of you work at a higher band every day for no additional pay. It’s time to change the rules so you’re supported to use your skills […]


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