Another reshuffle, and Parliament delayed 

With the resignation of Jacqui Petrusma, there was yet another shuffle of the deckchairs last week.  

Felix Ellis MP moves into Cabinet with carriage of DPFEM, as well as the Resources and Skills & Training portfolios, Hon Jo Palmer MLC has gained Prevention of Family Violence, and Hon Roger Jaensch takes on Parks to his significant ministerial load. 

The Premier then announced Parliament would not resume next week with an empty chair. 

Disappointingly, this is the second time Parliament has been delayed this year, and it should be noted that there is important legislation on the table:  

  • Housing authority legislation 
  • Family violence legislation  
  • Climate change bill  

We know the Parliament relies on many of you and the work you do, and Tasmanians rely on Parliament to address issues that matter to all of us. 

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