Bargaining Reference Group (BRG) Meeting 

The BRG, a group of delegates and activists who meet to help develop the CPSU’s bargaining strategy, met last Thursday, 28 July.  We updated them on the finalised claim and got their feedback on how we plan to segment the claim to maximise our bargaining position and ensure we have workers voices at the table. 

Thirza has a mantra that facts don’t win arguments, stories do. So, we talked to the BRG about how we could get members with stories that backed up the elements in our claims to share those stories.   

Coming out of that discussion we have developed a ‘Building Evidence for our Claim’ form which you can access using the QR code below.  The form asks for some contact details (in case we need to contact you for more information) and provides space to share your story or evidence.  We won’t identify you personally, we just want to share the stories, so people understand the problems our claims are designed to address and the impact they are having on real people. 

  • Have you experienced job insecurity through rolling contracts? 
  • Have you experienced workplace trauma? 
  • Have you been denied access to workplace flexibilities? 

Please share your stories, it will help us win. 

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