Change Proposal – Browser Operated Self Service (BOSS) Rollout  

The Department of Health has circulated a Change Proposal for workers across the Tasmanian Health Service. The new Browser Operated Self Service module will replace paper-based rosters. 

The Department is proposing that the roll out the Browser Operated Self Service (BOSS) module across the service. BOSS was first implemented in 2011 and has since come into place for 2,700 workers across the COVID Vaccination/Testing/Response Units, statewide Telehealth Service, Community Rapid Response Team in Ulverstone, Mersey Leven Community Nursing, as well as casual staff across Tasmania’s hospitals.  

With the ongoing development of the new Human Resources Information System (HRIS), BOSS is intended as an interim replacement for paper forms to get a more accurate and reliable picture of availability, as well as allowing workers to access their rosters 24/7. BOSS functionality allows workers to: 

  • View/edit contact details 
  • Receive warnings of expiring mandatory training 
  • Submitting roster requests with notes  
  • Submit and update availability instantaneously 
  • View current rosters 
  • Message other BOSS users (e.g., for coordinating shift swaps) 
  • View and confirm fortnightly worked hours. 

Click Here to view the full Change Proposal. 

While minimal Potential Service Impact has been outlined by the Department, besides added flexibility for workers around roster changes and visibility, we’re keen to hear from members. 

Members with questions or feedback they would like to be shared collectively and anonymously are encouraged to get in touch at t.white@tas.cpsu.com.au.  

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