Changes to Accommodation for DECYP Employees at Letitia House

16 June 2023

Update on the proposed change to accommodation for DECYP staff across Letitia House, Kirksway Place, Parliament Square and 26 Bathurst Street.  

The Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Director of Facility Services and Director of Culture and Growth provided an all-staff briefing on 1 June 2023 to discuss the change.  

The Deputy Secretary foreshadowed that this would be the first of a series of phased moves over the next couple of years as part of an ongoing review of all DECYP accommodation and regional accommodation strategies statewide. The proposed changes were highlighted to Executive as a high priority area for further action as part of this process.  

Rationale for proposed changes:

  •  DECYP cited the desire to get all staff in shared teams co-located, as well as co-locating teams with regular interaction where possible, in particular bringing HR closer to ‘frontline services’.
  • ‘Service delivery driven’ accommodation that is fit for purpose.
  • Structuring accommodation to align with future planned workforce and service delivery changes.

The proposed change affects the following work groups:

  • People Services and Support (Human Resources/People & Culture).
  • Business Operations and Support (BOS) Office of the Deputy Secretary.
  • BOS Legal Services.
  • BOS Organisational Safety.
  • BOS Transition and Improvement.
  • Child and Student Wellbeing (Development and Support).
  • Inclusion and Cultural Diversity (Development and Support).
  • Keeping Children Safe/Office of Safeguarding Children.
  • Strategic Policy and Projects (Continuous Improvement and Evaluation).

Summary of Proposed Moves:

  • People Support Services (formerly HR) at Letitia House to Kirksway Place.
  • Organisational Safety (WHS) at Letitia House to Kirksway Place.
  • Education Legal Services in Parliament Square will co-locate with Community Legal Services in Kirksway Place to reflect merger following the abolition of the Department of Communities Tasmania.
  • Deputy Secretary’s Office from Parliament Square to Kirksway Place.
  • Office of Safeguarding from Parliament Square to Kirksway Place.

In total, approximately 70 workers at Letitia House are impacted. This, alongside the combined moves between Kirskway Place and Parliament Square collectively affects around 120 workers.

Click Below to review the Consultation & Change Proposals:

Draft floorplan allocations have been prepared for Parliament Square and both floors of Kirskway. If you’ve yet to receive a copy of these, let us know by contacting cpsu@tas.cpsu.com.au.  

Many members have expressed concerns around access to parking in the city, as well as increased cost of transportation without available options for free parking. DECYP has not provided a response on solutions for supporting staff who will require parking and the resulting financial strain.

Any concerns will be raised collectively through the joint employee/unions working group to discuss feedback. Please get in touch ASAP at cpsu@tas.cpsu.com.au if you have any questions, concerns or proposals you wish to raise collectively through your union.  

You can also contact our Member Advice and Support Team at https://www.cpsu.com.au/cpsudirect/ or on (03) 6234 1708

Thirza White

General Secretary
Community & Public Sector Union (SPSFT)


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