CPSU advocates for multinationals to pay their fair share

When multinationals don’t pay their fair share of tax, it short-changes the public and robs them of the services they need.  

Last week CPSU Assistant Secretary Tom Lynch appeared at the Senate Economics Committee hearings for Treasury Laws Amendment (Making Multinationals Pay Their Fair Share integrity and transparency) Bill 2023. He acted in his capacity as Federal President of the CPSU-SPSF, alongside CPSU-SPSF Federal Secretary Karen Batt.  

Tom Lynch: “Tax is a good thing. It’s what funds the services we all rely upon and should deliver a fairer country. Tax gets a bad name when those at the top get to choose whether or not they pay their share.” 

Karen Batt: “It’s deeply unfair when essential workers pay a higher rate of tax on their personal income than some of the world’s largest and most profitable multinational corporations.” 

ACTU assistant secretary Joseph Mitchell: “We see in Australia that companies that managed to pay a fair share of tax do end up treating their workers better.

“This sort of measure to encourage transparency will allow workers to more adequately assess whether or not there is room to bargain effectively.” 

You can read the CPSU submission here: Making Multinationals Pay their Fair Share – CPSU Submission to Senate Standing Committee on Economics

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ACTU National Price Gouging Inquiry

Meanwhile, the Australian Council of Trade Unions is running an inquiry into price gouging and unfair pricing practices. While multinationals escape paying their fair share of tax, they are also increasing profits and upping their prices, hurting Australian households. 

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