Diary of a Disappearing Door at TasTAFE Devonport

It’s no surprise morale is reported to be in decline at Devonport TasTAFE.   

Earlier in the month a few staff were in the staff lunchroom at the Devonport campus having a simple chat about ADOs (Accrued Days Off) and RDOs (Rostered Days Off).  Chatting amongst themselves, as you do in any staff lunchroom.  But the next day when they came into work, the staff room door had been removed. No consultation, no discussion, just gone. Disappeared.  

CPSU Organiser Trina Meurant explains. 

“I was able to able to confirm that the Facilities Manager gave instruction to an Education Facilities Attendant to remove the door. The reason given to staff was: that if staff needed to have a meeting, they needed to book a meeting room. Ridiculous, as it was just a few colleagues having a chat in the lunchroom. It’s immature, juvenile and CPSU agree with the staff that the door needs to go back on.”   

“Workers saw the staff room as a safe place where they could go for a break, be themselves and have a chat to their work mates.  From my experience, every education facility that I go to has a staff room door, clearly signed, sometimes it’s open, sometimes it’s closed.”   

Trina supports staff who want the door back for a number of reasons.  

“Because one, it identified it was a staff only area, so therefore students shouldn’t be entering. Two, in the past items had been taken out of the fridge in the staff room.  It’s immature, juvenile and CPSU agree with the staff that the door needs to go back on.”   

TasTAFE workers are vital to opening opportunities and building the skills Tasmanians need for the future – they deserve respect from their employer and a safe workplace. 

After a Workforce Consultative Committee meeting, the CPSU was advised last week that a request was raised to re-install the door, which should take place shortly. 

The next TasTAFE Workplace Consultative Committee is scheduled for 17 December. If you have any additional issues you wish to raise contact your CPSU Organiser Trina Meurant at tmeurant@tas.cpsu.com.au.  

Breaking news! The CPSU just received news yesterday, 18 October, that the door is now back on, although without a lock! 

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