‘Friends of the Public Sector’ forms in Canberra!

Recently Parliamentary Friends of the Public Service was launched in Canberra.  

Hosted by Anne Stanley MP, parliamentarians Linda Burney, Emma McBride, Ged Kearney, Mike Freelander, Meryl Swanson, and Andrew Wilkie were in attendance to hear about issues impacting on workers in Child Safety, land management, emergency service and justice. 

Anne Stanley MP: “It was an opportunity to listen and to speak with child protection workers and other public sector employees about the challenges they are facing and what we can do to support them.”

Increasingly we’re seeing the Federal Government play a role in addressing National Workforce shortages. CPSU Members across the country are experiencing the same issues many of you are facing in Tasmania, and it’s time to push for a national approach to ensure services are delivered to those who need them, whether you live in Tasmania or Toowoomba.  

The Report on Government Services is failing to show an accurate picture of comparable data across key services to ensure a level playing field for public access to services, even though this is its purpose.  

The Parliamentary Friends of the Public Service will consider the role our Commonwealth can and should play in ensuring that every Australian receives access to similarly benchmarked, quality public services. Whatever they earn and wherever they live.   

This group will primarily be concerned with several areas: 

  • Land management 
  • Emergency management 
  • Child safety 
  • Justice and corrections 

CPSU General Secretary Thirza White: “Across the country we are facing the same issues in many services the public relies on. Friends of the Public Service is a way of collaborating on these issues, sharing ideas and strategies. The CPSU is the union for Parks, Corrections, Child Safety and Justice across Australia.”  

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