Meet Brett Malone: State Growth CPSU Delegate

We recently chatted with long-term Delegate Brett who works in the Department of State Growth’s Registration and Licensing Services. His job is vital to keeping Tasmanians safe in their vehicles. 

Brett explains “In our area we look after the back end of data integrity for vehicle registrations and the entire gamut of licenses. We make sure everything runs smoothly. We ensure people aren’t driving around in unregistered vehicles or without the correct licenses.” 

“A big part of our job is looking after the work around driver license medicals, which helps keep people safe on the roads. That is, when Tasmanians need a medical fitness to drive assessment – and there are a lot of people to whom these assessments apply.” 

“We’re an operational team – if we couldn’t do our work, it would directly impact on Tasmanians immediately in terms of being registered and properly licensed.” 

Last week State Growth workers were part of the response to the Optus data breach, with news that driver license numbers were part of the information stolen. 

“It has been extremely busy for some staff in Registration and Licensing over the last few days with the data breach – phones ringing constantly with people wanting to get new license numbers as per advice from Optus. Service Tasmania Operators do not have the authority to change license numbers therefore, they needed to contact us to make the necessary changes for every member of the public that needed a new license,”.  

Brett’s been a CPSU Delegate for just shy of a decade.  

“Where I am we have three CPSU Delegates on the same floor of the Parliament Square building, which is brilliant, Simon Lynch and Tania Shilcock. Although we’re in different units we work together.”  

Engaging members and their colleagues around the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement is a big part of the Delegate role now. Brett reported that in regards the CPSU Claim, pay was the biggest factor that resonated with both him and the colleagues he’s spoken with. 

“It’s pay keeping pace with inflation, CPI, cost of living. It’s the biggest concern out there. It’s about getting a decent pay increase, not a cut. We talk about it all the time; it’s what people really engage with. Everyone is feeling the pinch.”  

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