Monitoring & Compliance Unit Members Endorse Log of Claims for Agreement

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a small team of dedicated Monitoring Officers make Tasmanians safer by monitoring higher-risk offenders. 

The MCU monitors around 250 Tasmanians who are: 

  • Offenders on home detention orders; 
  • Parolees with electronic monitoring conditions attached to their parole order; or 
  • Family violence offenders subject to monitoring conditions 

From the screens within the MCU office each offender’s location is able to be monitored. If they leave approved areas or enter excluded areas the Monitoring Officers respond immediately, notifying the relevant agency. 

Working 24 hour rotating shifts can be challenging. The MCU has found a roster pattern that works for them – they work six days on followed by 4 days off, 9 hour shifts rotating through 2 day shifts, 2 afternoon shift followed by 2 night shifts and then 4 days off. 

The working arrangements for MCU members is governed by a registered Agreement that is due for renegotiation. The CPSU has been working with members over the past few months to identify what works in their current arrangements and what needs to be changed. Members have just endorsed a Log of Claims for their new Agreement! We’re hoping negotiations will commence soon and that the Government works with members to ensure they have the working arrangement they need to continue to provide their important services sustainably. 

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