No More Public Health Emergency, but Risk Assessments Still Critical

Last Wednesday Premier Rockliff announced the easing of coronavirus measures as the state prepares to lift its public health emergency from June 30.  

From Saturday, 25 June, Tasmanians will no longer be required to wear masks on public transport, at airports, in schools or early childhood education centres. Masking will continue in primary schools.  

From 30 June, masking at hospitals, aged care facilities, disability providers and correctional facilities will be left to the discretion of Departments through workplace risk assessments.  

Individuals identified as close contacts will still be required to wear masks while in indoor settings outside the home unless exempt. Workers who have an exemption from mandatory vaccination policies will continue to be required to mask in the workplace.  

Lifting restrictions just as we are on the cusp of our first major flu season in two years poses risks to workers and the public. If you have concerns about workplace controls to ensure you and your colleagues are safe, you should be requesting a review of your workplace’s mandatory COVID-19 Risk Assessment.  

Workers have the right to request a fresh risk assessment when major circumstances, like public health policy, change. Get in touch with your CPSU Delegate or call CPSUDirect on (03) 6234 1708 if you’d like advice or support, or if you are immunocompromised and have concerns about how these changes might affect you.  

For updates from public health, including advice on how to keep COVID safe at work and in the community, visit https://www.coronavirus.tas.gov.au/.  

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