Parks & Wildlife Service Agreement – What’s the hold up?

Late last year, following months of negotiations, CPSU told PWS that it was time to put pen to paper and make a formal offer to CPSU members to vote on. 

PWS gave a commitment that an offer would be provided by late February, early March at the latest – yet here we are in June and as yet we have nothing for members to vote on or consider.

This is an important agreement that would bring an end to systematic wage theft from outdated allowances and ensure that those who step into IMT roles while undertaking planned burning are recognised. 

Enough is enough.

We will be in your Field Centre over the next few weeks to decide our next steps, whether this is a vote for industrial action or a vote to accept and finalise a new agreement is now in the hands of the PWS. To be reminded of where bargaining was up to and what you can expect in an offer check our December update to members here!

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