Parks & Wildlife Service Agreement: Win locked in!

Planned Burns Roles recognised!

Thanks to the action of CPSU Parks Members, the scope of the PWS Agreement has expanded to include planned burns roles, with backpay from 1 January 2022. This means consistency with other workers in bushfire suppression operations roles. Take a closer look at these roles in the table below. Workers will be paid the higher of the two bands.

Year-on-year CPSU members stand up for recognition of the important work they do.

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Table: Planning roles

PlanningLevel 2 IncidentLevel 3 Incident
Planning OfficerB6-R1-3B7-R1-2
Deputy Planning OfficerN/AB6-R1-3
Plans Unit LeaderN/AB5-R1-3
Intelligence Officer (Reporting to IC)N/AB7-R1-2
Intelligence Unit Leader (reporting to Planning Officer)N/AB5-R1-3
Situation and Analysis Unit LeaderN/AB5-R1-3
Situation and Analysis OfficerB4-R1-3B4-R1-3
Modelling and Predictions Unit LeaderN/AB5-R1-3
Fire Behaviour Analyst (FBAN)B6-R1-3B6-R1-3
Mapping Unit LeaderN/AB5-R1-3
Mapping OfficerB4-R1-3B4-R1-3
Resource Unit LeaderN/AB5-R1-3
Resource OfficerB4-R1-3B4-R1-3
Management Support OfficerB3-R1-3B3-R1-3
IRMS OperatorB3-R1-3B3-R1-3

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