TasTAFE Bargaining Kicks Off with Member Voices

Your union is preparing member’s Log of Claims to serve with TasTAFE Management as we move into negotiations for the TasTAFE Staff Agreement – the first of its kind following TasTAFE’s removal from the State Service. It means workers are faced with a blank slate – where everything’s on the table. Your collective Log of Claims reflects members’ vision for what you deserve, and the kind of workplace TasTAFE needs to provide workers, to continue to deliver the skills and training our state and our communities depend on.

Once all member feedback is collected, the draft Log of Claims will be put to a vote for members to endorse or reject. If endorsed by a clear majority of members it will be served at the third meeting with TasTAFE Management, to be held later this month. Then bargaining can begin in earnest.

We are bargaining in FWA now for the new TasTAFE Agreement – where the landscape is very different to the State Service. FWA is a highly regulated environment – there are rules about how we bargain in good faith, restrictions on how unions can access workplaces, and limitations on when we can take industrial action.

As we shared in a recent update, TasTAFE have made clear that longer hours are key to its vision for “productivity” – not working smarter, just more (and not, if they have their way, for any extra pay either).
While unions are campaigning nationally to reform and improve Australia’s federal industrial laws, the ‘Fair Work’ system continues to be recognised by the International Labour Organisation as among the most restrictive of workers’ civil rights in the developed world. Under FWA, it cannot be overstated how important it is that you and your colleagues are active members in the union. Our strength lies in our numbers and unity – being willing and prepared to take action, together.  

So if know someone in your workplace who’s said, “I’ll just wait and see before getting involved or joining up”, they need to know that your employment conditions are all up for renegotiation and at risk.  
If you’re ready to work collectively to protect your conditions, we need every TasTAFE worker who has yet to get involved to join the union today – https://www.cpsu.com.au/join/. If you’re a member, share this update to everyone you work with. 

If you have any information or feedback to share, don’t hesitate to get in touch at tmeurant@tas.cpsu.com.au 

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