TasTAFE: Consultation ongoing to ensure fair working conditions 

It’s been one month since TasTAFE’s transition from the Tasmanian State Service to a Government Business Enterprise. The TasTAFE Workforce Consultative Committee (TWCC) met for the first time since the change last week. The CPSU continues to cover TasTAFE workers and will continue to support members as you adjust to the changes. This includes “no disadvantage” promised to workers by TasTAFE in the move from the State Service Act 2000 to the Fair Work Act 2009.  

The TWCC report that the transition since 1 July has been as smooth as they could have expected. TasTAFE told us that they are committed to working to build strategies to ensure that workers are going to be better supported to perform their roles, to ensure reasonable – not excessive – workloads, and that there is parity across roles. We want to see that workers with the same jobs, have the same pay and conditions. They anticipate that they will be ready to begin consultation on this strategy with unions in 2 to 4 weeks.  

TasTAFE has now implemented policies and procedures to replace the State Service Employment Directions, and following consultation with workers, the Code of Conduct has been re-written and will soon be circulated for further feedback. The TWCC have told us it was revised to be more user-friendly, and was endorsed by the Board, ready for consultation.  The TWCC announced that the Transition Working Group is going to be replaced by a Strategic Planning Workforce and are preparing to launch the new strategic plan, which is awaiting Minister approval. The aim is to have changes finalised by the end of the year, given that appropriate and effective consultation has taken place with employees.  

It’s not over. 

Even though the transition is over, changes are still occurring, and together we need to continue to fight for fair working conditions and entitlements for all TasTAFE employees.

CPSU members will keep standing in solidarity and we encourage you to call on your co-workers to join the union and become a comrade to protect your hard-won rights.

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, 23 September. If you have any feedback or concerns, let us know.   

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