CPSU Wins in 2020!

More than


recovered in stolen wages and brand new entitlements.

That’s just the beginning of what we can achieve when we stand together, in union. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

New Year’s marked the end of an unforgettable year for all of us.

Through raging bushfires and a global pandemic, CPSU Members rose to the challenge of preparing our public sector to support those who rely on us the most, as well as protecting the basic rights of working Tasmanians.

Click through this slideshow to catch up on some of the highlights!

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Promotion without Advertising for Reclassification

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Recreation and parental leave can now be re-credited if you need to take Compassionate or Bereavement Leave

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Carers Leave doubled!

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Extra 2 weeks Paid Parental Leave (from 14-16 weeks), and 2 weeks Paid Partner Leave!

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Correctional Officers win pay parity with other public sector workers and interstate colleagues!

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Workers can now put a case for a role to be broad banded to their employer. For the first time these changes to your Award mean your employer can agree.

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Dozens of Libraries Tasmania staff wrongfully stood down receive back pay, still more being reviewed for conversion to permanency!

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A Mobility Register will be established to allow all workers in the state service to express a preference to move to another agency to further develop their career in the public service.

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Securing Paid Pandemic Leave and other arrangements, so no one required to self-isolate for a COVID test result is forced to take personal leave.

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Average wages increased by $1200, with backpay from December 2019 paid in 2020, as well as your 2020 pay rise secured! (That’s almost double the cost of union membership!)

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$150 a day payment for workers in Hotel Quarantine under new agreement.

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236 Fixed Term staff made permanent and more than 1300 more being reviewed!

Ready to add joining your union to your New Year’s Resolutions?

Here’s a handy flyer breaking down some of the biggest wins in your new agreement and how to make them work for you!

CPSU Members make life and work better.

Together CPSU members make life and work better for workers today and add a strong foundation for the next generation of Tasmanians delivering vital services.

CPSU membership is fully tax deductible, plus your exclusive Member Advantage benefits can help you save thousands of dollars every single year on groceries, gift shopping, petrol, holiday planning, insurance and more!

It really does pay to be union.

Change never happens on its own. Better pay and conditions, income security, and safer workplaces are possible when we stand together and speak with one voice.

2021 will be another big year with the State Service Review and changes to Industrial Relations being aggressively pursued by the Morrison Government.

You’re always stronger when you have thousands of union members by your side. Join the union for public sector workers today!

Join the union for public sector workers.

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