Public Sector Allowances to Increase!

Natalie Jones checks in straight from the Tasmanian Industrial Commission where your Award variations to increase allowances have just been registered!

Every year our pay and entitlements are increased to match your pay rise under your wages Agreement – but this doesn’t happen automatically.

We wanted to check in to let you know about your increases, and show you how it’ done!

This week we appeared before the Tasmanian Industrial Commission to register Award variations to update your entitlements in across the Tasmanian State Service Award, Health and Human Services (Tasmanian State Service) Award, Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority Award, and Custodial Officers Award, among others.

In 2019 Tasmanian public sector workers won the first union campaign in any state or territory to overturn a public sector pay cap without changing the government at the polls, when the Hodgman Government agreed to scrap the unfair 2% pay cap. Thanks to the Tassie Needs a Pay Rise campaign, Tasmanian public sector workers have secured an average pay increase of $1,200 over the life of their Agreement. That’s more than double the cost of union membership.

The latest good news: your Allowances have now been increased by even more: 2.55%!

Unsure if you’re receiving your full entitlements?

Contact CPSU Direct today.

Just a few of the Allowances increased include:

  • First Aid Certificate Allowance – $815
  • Testing & Tagging Allowance – $757
  • Coxwain’s Certificate Allowance – $950
  • TSSA Availability Allowance – $3.61
  • Toileting Allowance (a) $15.38 (b) $17.44
  • Diving Allowance – $861

What’s more – the Wage Related Allowances Increase has also been backdated to July 2020, so you will receive back pay in a lump sum.

So check your payslip and make sure that you’ve received your back pay and are now receiving the new rate for any Allowances you receive. If you think you might not be receiving your full entitlements, contact us at CPSU Direct online or call (03) 6234 1708 – we’re here to help!

To read the full variation to the Tasmanian State Service Award see the TIC website.

Click Here to read more about the wins secured by CPSU Members in 2021.

Natalie Jones

Lead Industrial Officer

Community & Public Sector Union (SPSFT)

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