Christmas close down days: Tell us what you think 

Christmas Grace Days were one of the wins locked-in the latest Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement.

Each Agency is required to assess its needs over the Christmas break and decide if workplaces are open, closed or operating with skeleton staffing. Agencies are required to communicate their decisions by 1 November. This year – we’ve had both good and bad news from agencies on their approaches to this entitlement. 

In Community Corrections:  

The CPSU wrote to Community Corrections on behalf of members after receiving concerns about your employer’s plans for the Christmas/New Year period. 

On 19 October, we received an adamant response that due to ‘operational requirements’ it would be ‘business as usual’ with Community Corrections to remain open, which went down with each of you like a lead balloon. You would be kept behind in otherwise deserted offices, while most of your colleagues across the Department would be allowed to go home. It didn’t stack up.  

Members were gearing up for action, when we received word about a Christmas (close down day) miracle. The Department Secretary made a fair and sensible decision to determine Community Corrections closed!  

Meanwhile in Department of Police, Fire & Emergency Management: 

Although this year’s Christmas close down arrangements announced last week, were better than last year’s (when the agency was deemed open), they are still unfair to some employees covered by the Tasmanian State Service Award. 

We think it’s time for DPFEM to have some Christmas spirit and grant the three days Christmas close down leave where they can in workplaces that don’t need to be open.  The CPSU is working with members in DPFEM to turn this around and secure another member-won festive miracle. 

What about your Agency? 

If you think it’s unfair that your agency has denied you Christmas close down – let us know and tell us why – email CPSUDirect@tas.cpsu.com.au

Still waiting to hear? 

Let us know 
if you haven’t heard from your Department. The deadline for informing workers of an agency’s intention in regard to access to Christmas close down was last week – 1 November. If the Agency made a decision that was different to previous practice, they also had to let you know the reasons for that decision by 1 November. 

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