Come Together for YES

Last week, our union’s governing body, the CPSU Council, met and unanimously passed the following resolution:

CPSU Council supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

We support the establishment of an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples’ Voice to Parliament and Makarrata – a process of truth telling and treaty.  

We stand with, and will walk alongside, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people for Voice, Truth and Treaty in Tasmania and nationally, for as long as it takes.  

We feel we are at a critical juncture in our history and fear a NO vote will delay the truth telling process that is critical to the healing of Australia and reaching a treaty.  

We therefore support the YES campaign, for a Voice to parliament.

We will encourage members to educate themselves for the upcoming referendum.  

What does this resolution mean?

It means the CPSU stands with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community in its fight for voice, treaty and truth – for each of these, for as long as each takes, until each one is achieved.

As unionists we know it often takes being pragmatic and seizing the opportunities available to us today to build the steps to bigger and better ones tomorrow. This year’s national referendum is today’s opportunity.

We call on all CPSU members to join us.

The CPSU acknowledges the land we work on was never ceded and pay our respect to elders past and present. We acknowledge the proud history of collective struggle and resistance of lutruwita/Tasmania’s first peoples and their profound contribution to our shared movement. As a union we seek to take direction from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples on the lands on which we live and work, across lutruwita/Tasmania.

The CPSU recognises that Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander members will face increased discrimination in our community or at work in the lead-up to the referendum.

Your union is here for you. We are here to provide support and advocacy if necessary, or simply to listen. You can contact us at CPSUDirect@tas.cpsu.com.au or on (03) 6234 1708.  

What does our support for the YES campaign mean?

It means we will work to educate our members and the wider community about why recognition of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders in the Constitution and an enshrined Voice to Parliament is so important.   

We will actively encourage and support members to become involved in the YES campaign including providing them opportunities to participate in campaign events.

It’s not about telling members how to vote – each of you will make your own decision, but we’ve heard the generous offer from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Uluru Statement from the Heart and resolved to respond.

You can read the Statement from the Heart here.

Where can I go to educate myself about the Voice?

The founders of the Uluru Statement of the Heart have taken the time to answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on their website.

You may have questions about the Voice to help inform your vote as well as conversations with friends, family and coworkers. You may have more specific questions about what it means for us in lutruwita/Tasmania. We also know there are voices not in support. You can send the CPSU your questions, and we’ll seek to point you in the direction of resources that can help, as well as develop our own FAQs for members.

How can I get more involved? 

You can Click Here or scan the QR code below to sign up as a volunteer with the campaign run by YES23 – Australians for Indigenous Constitutional Recognition. There are dozens of ways to be involved, and you can choose to help in the way that best fits you. This could involve:  

  • Speaking to friends, family or your local community
  • Posting a YES! Sign in your house or business
  • Distributing signs to other supporters
  • Helping out at street stalls to share information
  • Calling voters
  • Doorknocking
  • Becoming a campaign captain for your local area
  • Helping to train other volunteers
  • Handing out flyers or working at polling places
  • Scrutineering  

The choice is yours.  

Authorised by Thirza White, Community & Public Sector Union (SPSFT) Inc, Hobart

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