EOFY Tax Receipts for Your CPSU Membership – On their way!

With tax time upon us, we wanted to give you an update on tax receipts for your annual member subscriptions, so you can get the full value out of your union membership!  

If you pay for your membership by Direct Debit from your bank or via credit card, the CPSU begins emailing tax receipts out to members from the first week of July!

If you’re currently paying via payroll deductions and would like to make the switch to Direct Debit, simply Click Here and fill in your details! If you pay for membership by payroll deductions your tax receipt will be included in your income statement provided by your employer to the Tax Office. It should be uploaded to your MyGov account within a few days of EOFY.

If you’re currently paying via payroll deductions and would like to make the switch to Direct Debit, email cpsu@tas.cpsu.com.au or call us on (03) 6234 1708

Did you know?

Union membership subscriptions are one of the top overlooked tax deductions every year, so make sure you include them when you finalise your tax return to get the most out of your membership!

We’re passionate about making union membership pay for itself.

In addition to the amount you get back at tax-time, add the wage increases secured by members in every new agreement, plus the value of improved entitlements and allowances – and you can start to see how being a union member really does pay for itself.

That’s before you even start using Member Advantage – your exclusive member benefits program, which harnessing the collective buying power of union members to help tackle everyday cost-of-living.

Member Advantage is your online member benefits portal, with hundreds of exclusive discounts to help you save on your day-to-day costs: whether it’s the weekly shop, eating out, leisure time, petrol, or saving hundreds on health insurance with Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer – HCF.  

Making use of Member Advantage can seriously help to fight back against cost-of-living. From your Member Advantage online portal, you can browse the full range of discounts and exclusive offers available to you.

Your Member Advantage

Member Advantage gives you exclusive access to hundreds of benefits to help you save on your day-to-day cost-of-living: whether it’s the weekly shop, eating out, leisure time, petrol, or saving hundreds on your health insurance – we’ve got you covered.

By taking advantage of your Member Advantage benefits you can easily make your CPSU membership pay for itself several times over, which means less time stressing over making ends meet and more quality time with the ones you love.

The first step is to log into your personal Member Advantage account, using the email you gave us when you joined the CPSU. From here you can reset your password if it’s been a while since you last logged in.

If you’ve changed emails and need to update your details with us or experience any other technical difficulties logging on, just give us a call on (03) 6234 1708 and our team can help!

From your Member Advantage dashboard you can browse the full range of discounts and exclusive offers available in the eStore, as well as discounts on:

  • Shopping & Gifts (including e-Gift cards and vouchers)
  • Travel
  • Motor and Health Insurance
  • Movie Tickets (including Hoyts and Village)
  • Dining
  • Financial Advice
  • Health & Wellbeing Services

Save on groceries and daily essentials with eGift Cards! Access a range of discounts with some of Australia’s biggest retailers, including:

  • Caltex/EG Ampol and Woolworths Petrol Stations
  • Harvey Norman
  • Myer
  • WebJet
  • Menulog
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • And hundreds more.

Uncommon Care with HCF

With Member Advantage, you have access to HCF’s exclusive Corporate Product range, with improved benefits and limits. HCF is Australia’s largest not for profit health fund.

HCF have partnered with Member Advantage to offer free Health cover consultations. As a Member Advantage member, you’ll have access to exclusive products with more benefits and added value compared to standard HCF cover.

HCF, Australia’s leading not-for-profit health insurer, is a long-standing partner of Member Advantage. Championing the health needs of Australians for over 80 years, HCF cover almost 1.5 million members.

Member Advantage corporate member benefits include:

Through Member Advantage, you can access a great range of additional benefits when you join Hospital and Extras as a corporate member including:

    Enjoy a corporate discount compared to equivalent levels of cover in the HCF retail range (excludes MyFuture product range)
    Claim 100% back on many dental, optical, physio, chiro and podiatry claims from over 10,000 participating HCF providers*
    You could save even more by having no excess to pay for injury related treatment**
    Take out Corporate Gold Hospital and enjoy no excess for same day admissions&
    Accident Safeguard – Receive the benefits of our top level of hospital cover for 90 days if you’re in an accident and attend emergency within 24 hours~
    Top up your annual limit on dental and optical. This kicks in after 12 months on your extras cover and grows every year up to year six^

Switching to HCF is easy

If you already have health insurance, switching to HCF is easy. They’ll contact your current fund for you. Plus, you’ll have no additional waiting periods to serve for equivalent levels of cover (excluding hearing aids).

Start enjoying the benefits today

To gain these benefits:

+ View terms & conditions here.
* Up to your annual limit.
** Treatment fully covered by your policy that is required as a result of an accident. Excludes Restricted Services and Excluded Services on your policy.
& Subject to available waiting periods.
~ Conditions and eligibility criteria apply.
^ Starting after your first 12 months of Extras cover and growing every year up to year six. Unused Limit Boost cannot be carried into the following year.

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