How much does it cost to join a union?

Let’s play a game. A numbers game.

Around $2 a day – That’s all it costs to become a member with the Community & Public Sector Union if you work full time (and even less if you’re part time or Education Support Personnel in schools!).

3,000+ – That’s the number of your friends and colleagues who are already union members.

$0 – That’s how much extra members pay for our online webinars and legally trained industrial experts.

$200,000 – That’s how much we recovered in stolen wages and in new entitlements just last year.

$1,200 – That’s the average increase to wages members won in your new wages Agreement.

$1,000s – That’s how much you could save on groceries, fuel, travel and retail with our exclusive member rewards program, CPSU Member Advantage.

1 – That’s how many steps you are away from that promotion or another pay rise with our team behind you.

– The value!

So what are you waiting for? Join the union for public sector workers today.

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