Members in Libraries Petitioning Against Wage Theft

Trina here, your CPSU Organiser in the Department of Education.

Over 160 Tasmanian Library workers have already supported a petition in support of long needed improvements to the application of Band 1, as well as calling for improved rights to progression and reasonable renumeration for Band 1 workers. We’re blown away by the support the petition has received and the passion of CPSU members and delegates who have driven this work.

Band 1 positions across our State Service are regularly exploited by agencies to underpay workers. Band 1 is nominally trainee classification designed for workers requiring supervision, such as trainees. But rather than being the first floor, for hundreds of workers it has become their glass ceiling. Union members are fighting to change that.

As part of our 100 Claims for a Better State Service we’re also campaigning for an amendment to the Tasmanian State Service Award General Stream to make it clear that Band 1 is a training level – one employees should progress beyond once a training program has been completed.

This is the first time Tasmanian Library workers have taken any action so broadly across the state. The petition remains open until the end of September and your union will be out and about across the state helping to build more support for the petition!

Unfortunately, we recently heard from a member in the South who wanted to support the petition but was afraid of ‘backlash’ and being ‘singled out’ if she gave the petition her support. This member is a passionate, dedicated, long term and permanent library worker and sadly this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this kind of feedback. What a disappointing reflection on the workplace culture being modelled by Libraries Tasmania. While discrimination against union members in the Tasmanian State Service is an unfortunate reality, know that your union (and the Anti-Discrimination Act) has your back.

If you or any of your colleagues need support or advice regarding any situation in your workplace that you feel unsure or uncomfortable about, as a CPSU member you can contact CPSUDirect for confidential information. We can also advocate for members collectively to management to raise an issue or communicate concerns.   If you have colleagues who aren’t yet CPSU members, refer them to your nearest CPSU Delegate, have a chat about importance of being a union member and encourage them to take the next step. You can get in touch with me at tmeurant@cpsu.tas.com.au or on 0475 142 633.

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