Ministerial and Parliamentary Staff Need Trauma-Safe Workplaces

Everyone should have a safe workplace. However, last week the Report into Workplace Culture in the Tasmanian Ministerial and Parliamentary Services was handed down and the findings are shocking. 

  • 40% of respondents experienced bullying 
  • 24% of respondents experienced discrimination 
  • 15% of respondents experienced sexual harassment 
  • 82% of respondents expressed general dissatisfaction with complaints processes 

The CPSU provided recommendations to this review, which you can read here, and some of these were adopted, including establishing a Human Resources Team, mandatory training, and the need for processes, policies and procedures. 

Numerous reports across multiple jurisdictions tell us that Parliament is a high-risk workplace where the risk to workers, particularly women and those who identify as LGBTIQA+ must be better managed.  The report is a strong call for change.  

CPSU General Secretary Thirza White said taking a Work, Health and Safety approach was key, and part of this was modernising employment arrangements for Ministerial and Parliamentary staff.  

“We’re really pleased to see that some of the recommendations put forward by CPSU Members have been accepted. Including the need for a Human Resources function to update policies and procedures and ensure that there’s mandatory training.  

“As most important to a healthy culture and a safe workplace is a clear line of accountability – so when workers have an issue, they know who they can go to, and know the issues can be dealt with straight away.”   

“We have different workers employed on different arrangements, some on individual agreements, some on collective contracts but these haven’t been updated for decades.  

In the coming weeks CPSU will be arranging an offsite meeting to discuss our next steps and how we can ensure that we work together to ensure the recommendations are implemented.  

Read more in the ABC article here (Trigger warning – article discusses sexual harassment) 

The CPSU here for members. 

If you need support, have been subjected to or witnessed sexual assault or harassment in your workplace, the CPSU is here for you. No steps will be taken without your consent. We are here to support and stand with you; to provide guidance and information; and when requested, to act. 

Contact CPSUDirect@tas.cpsu.com.au or call 6234 1708. 

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