Standing Up for Improved Career Structures for Teacher Assistants

We know that the role you play in schools is pivotal, and teachers and Principals are increasingly asking you to do work of a higher value, providing additional support around literacy and to kids in need of assistance.   

Since the last Agreement, many Teacher Assistants are working with children around speech and reading intervention. These skills and others need to be recognised in an improved career structure. 

CPSU General Secretary Thirza White: 

“Last agreement a new Education Support Personnel position was included under the Teacher Award, but we understand that most of these positions are currently being filled by teachers stepping down to retirement.  

“That’s not a career pathway to para-professional pay for Teacher Assistants – what we need to see is a new career pathway under your own Award, the Tasmanian State Service Award.  What we’d like to see is a link between Band 2 and Band 3, so TAs can move up to Band 3 without promotion but based on the development of skills.  

“For those who are studying, this would mean you could get recognition of your additional skills, even if you don’t get appointed to one of the ESP positions, and most importantly would recognise the additional skills you bring to the class room and in support of students.” 

Watch this video of Teacher Assistant Natalie Barkoczy talk about the challenges your profession faces and why we need action this Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement:

To secure this change we need all Teacher Assistants to be in union and willing to take action in support of your claim.  

If you’re not yet a member of the CPSU, join the union today.

Stories are powerful. Share your story about the need for skill recognition and progression at Public Sector Union Wages Agreement 2022: Building Evidence for our Claim.

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