PSUWA Launch at Parliament House

Last week CPSU Members officially launched our 100 Claims for a Better State Service, to kick off bargaining for the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2022.

We launched the claim in Parliament House with over forth delegates and before more than a dozen members of parliament, including key independents from our Legislative Council.

These claims are the culmination of the most extensive consultative process we’ve ever undertaken – and set out the solutions CPSU members have identified to the many issues facing our public sector.

We had CPSU members speaking to each of the core pillars that are the foundation of our log of claims:

  • Trauma-safe workplaces
  • Jobs workers can count on
  • Public sector parity
  • New rights for a new world
  • Unlocking public sector skills

Missing from the room? A single member of the Rockliff Government.

After writing to every member of parliament to come and hear directly from public sector workers, Premier Rockliff rejected our invitation and took the surprising step of banning any of his Ministers or MPs from attending in their own capacity. How are Tasmanians supposed to take seriously the claim that this is, “a government that listens to its workforce” while refusing to show up when they come to share their experiences?

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