New Rights – New World

Work and how it is being performed is changing. To meet these changing circumstances we need new rights to ensure agencies have the capability to respond to the challenges of our changing world, and to ensure the Tasmanian Government is an employer of choice.

Claim 33: Flexible Work
Amend the relevant Awards to include the following as a right:

  • Working from a location other than the normal work location such as from a home, a hub or satellite office or any other location where work can be productively performed.
  • Working compressed hours to allow for a 19-day month, a 9-day fortnight or a 4-day week or any other combination provided reasonable fatigue management is maintained.
  • Working additional hours for a specified period such that accrued days can be taken off at a later, specified time (e.g. during term time for school holidays).

    (Also see Claim 108 – Right to Work Remotely and Claim 109 – Greater Equity of Access to Flexible Working Arrangements)


Claim 34: Leave Arrangements During School Holidays
Employees with caring responsibilities for school aged children will have a right to combine work and care during school holidays by working from home and taking recreation leave for only the hours not worked each day.


Claim 35: Foul and Nauseous allowance
That access to the Foul and Nauseous allowance be extended to all employees and the definition widened to include any contact with effluent.


Claim 36: Multilingual Allowance
An annual allowance be paid to employees whose role doesn’t include multiple languages as a requirement but who regularly use a second language to assist in providing services to the community.


Claim 37: Electric Vehicle Allowance
That Awards be updated to include kilometrage allowances for electric vehicles.


Claim 38: Australia Day
That Awards be amended to give employees the right to swap the Australia Day holiday for another day off.


Claim 39: Interoperability Arrangements 

  • Include the Australasian Inter-Service Incident Management System Incident Management Team structure with agreed classifications for each role be included in Awards to ensure all public sector workers undertaking interstate and international deployments are paid at the classification assigned to the role when they are assigned an Incident Management Team role, unless their substantive classification is higher, regardless of the lead agency or type of incident.
  • That employees who are trained and/or accredited to perform roles within AIIMS structure will be paid an annual allowance regardless of whether they are assigned a role
  • That employees deployed to undertake work in incident management will receive an hourly allowance for each hour they are deployed.


Claim 40: Union Rights – Neutrality

  • For members to have a right to a minimum of two paid union meetings a year.
  • Agreed principles around the employer’s responsibility in providing a workplace where employees have the right to join and be involved in union activity and to pursue their industrial rights free from discrimination, bullying or intimidation.
  • Right for a union to attend physical and online inductions and conduct a workshop on the benefits of union membership.
  • For union members to have a right to paid time to prepare for and attend industrial tribunals and commissions.

Also see Claim 92 – Right to Disconnect, Claim 95 – Foster Care Entitlements, and Claim 102 – Recognition of Kinship Relationships.