TasTAFE Agreement: Survey Key Themes & Log of Claims Incoming!

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey to help form the Log of Claims for your new TasTAFE Staff Agreement. It was important for us to understand what issues matter to you to ensure the Log of Claims for your Agreement reflects what you and your colleagues want.

We’ve broken down the results into some key themes.

Here’s what you thought was important to include in your Agreement:

#1 – No Reduction in Conditions

Almost 60% of respondents ranked this as most important to your Agreement. We hear you – the Premier promised that moving to Fair Work wouldn’t leave you worse off. This was followed by safeguarding and improving workplace flexibility, including a no-privatisation / secure jobs clause, and a pay increase!

What respondents said:
“A promise was made that we would be no worse off than before the change to a Government Business and I would like to ensure that that is the case. I can already see that we are lagging since leaving the public service.”

“I have a great job with excellent conditions I don’t want these to change.”

“Prior to the transition, we were told (over and over and over) again that ‘no employee would be worse off’. TasTAFE needs to keep its word on that.”

#2 – Wages:

When asked what you thought would be a fair pay increase, almost 75% of you answered that annual wage increases should match CPI. We understand – the cost of living has escalated across the board; wages are important to workers in 2023 more than ever.

What respondents said:
“I think a differential pay rise that is progressive towards the lower paid workers at TasTAFE would be better than a flat rate.”

#3 – Other issues for the Agreement:

You had some great ideas about what else you’d like to see in your Agreement. Flexible work, conditions equal to the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement, Salary Sacrifice, and action to address workload were some of your ideas.

Action: Many of you said you’d be willing to take action to achieve a fair pay increase. While unions are always looking for a negotiated outcome that avoids action, often we must take action to secure a fair deal. You are the union, and it is your involvement that determines the outcome we achieve together.

Your Log of Claims

Soon you’ll be sent your Log of Claims, which you’ll be asked to vote on. Stay tuned – it’s important that your Log reflects what you want to see in your Agreement. As we are a member-led union, you’ll need to be a union Member to vote on the Claim, so if your colleague hasn’t yet joined you in standing up for rights, voice and pay at TasTAFE, now is the time. Send this email to someone you would like to join the CPSU today.

The next bargaining meeting is on Tuesday, 30 May.
Your CPSU TasTAFE Organiser is Trina Meurant. If you have any questions about bargaining, the survey, or your Log of Claims, please get in touch at tmeurant@tas.cpsu.com.au or on 0475 142 633.

Join Today

Now that TasTAFE has moved into the National Employment System (known as Fair Work), it’s more important than ever that we have strength in numbers to help build a strong and united workforce heading into negotiations.

Employers under Fair Work, like TasTAFE, don’t always bargain in the best interests of their workers, so we need to work together to protect your conditions. Being union is how we achieve this.

Being in your union and having local workplace representatives is critical when bargaining in Fair Work. The union is you, and your union is only as strong as the members involved.

Join today at https://www.cpsu.com.au/join/!

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