TasWater Change Proposal to Service Delivery

Following changes to the alignment of a number of teams in January, as well as changes to position descriptions for the Customer & Corporate Relations Team in February, recently TasWater has supplied a Change Proposal to alter its Service Delivery structure. 


The proposed change would see alterations to a number of roles in the Operations Centre, Technical Services, Planning and Scheduling and Operational Excellence teams, including multiple redundancies.  

  • Redundancies: Operational Excellence Program Manager (Operational Excellence Team – vacant) to become Field Support Improvement Manager; and Manager Maintenance Planning and Scheduling (Planning & Scheduling Team – Occupied), role not realigned or replaced.   
  • Changed reporting lines: Scheduler positions would instead report to Regional Manager. Two Lead Scheduler positions would be created and applications sought internally before advertising. Project Managers (Operational Excellence) would report to the new Field Support Improvement Manager.  Operational Planning Manager would report to Head of Integrated Operations 
  • Renamed: Operations Centre Manager > Control Room Manager. “Technical Services” Department to “Integrated Operations” and “Operations Centre” to “Control Room”. 
  • New roles: Works Management Manager 


Redundancies will affect vacant positions, as well as the existing Manager – Maintenance Planning & Scheduling. TasWater will internally advertise new positions to give those impacted priority to apply.    


TasWater informed staff of its preliminary decision at meetings on 17 May. Feedback and alternative proposals must be provided by 5:00pm on 31 May 2023.  

We encourage all members to participate in meetings and provide feedback. Feedback can be shared collectively and confidentially through the CPSU – contact us at cpsu@tas.cpsu.com.au.   

Working from Home 

TasWater also informed staff on 31/03 of a change of policy that would require staff to be in the office a minimum of 3 days per week.  

How has this impacted you? Have you been required to return equipment issued to facilitate working from home? Have you had a request for working from home refused, in part or entirely? We want to hear from you.  

If you have concerns about the policy change or feel consultation has been inadequate, contact the CPSU at cpsu@tas.cpsu.com.au.   

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