TasTAFE: cuts conditions, breaks promise

TasTAFE is trying to persuade workers to vote yes on an agreement that cuts conditions. We’ve been talking to members and TasTAFE workers over the last week, holding member meetings and wobble boarding alongside the AEU and UWU.

The TasTAFE’s proposed offer:

  • Cuts penalty rates
  • Cuts rights to permanency
  • Cuts meal allowances
  • Cuts lunch breaks
  • Cuts sick leave
  • Waters down consultation & Delegate rights.

What members have been saying about TasTAFE’s offer and approach:

“I feel I am being ripped off! I have worked here for years and deserve all my leave as accumulated in the Triennium Sick Leave scheme, why should I lose 100 hours just because they no longer wish to use a certain scheme? I should be getting the same hours rolled over if they wish to go with something else.”

The rights of union delegates are greatly reduced under the proposed Enterprise Agreement. Rights to perform the role without discrimination, access to facilities, call meetings to discuss union business with both members and non-members are just a few of the rights that have been cut.”

“One usually needs to go to Gumtree or FB Marketplace to find such a cooked offer, #TellEmThey’reDreaming

“Bordering on inappropriate.”

We call on Jeremy Rockliff to intervene – this offer breaks his promise to Tasmanians and to the Parliament that TasTAFE workers wouldn’t be worse off.

We told the Rockliff Government that moving to a GBE would be a slippery slope for services for Tasmanians and conditions for workers.

Work at TasTAFE – we encourage you to VOTE NO. If you want to ask questions about voting or the offer, contact TasTAFE Organiser Trina Meurant at tmeurant@tas.cpsu.com.au

Attacks on conditions are exactly why we need the Close the Loopholes legislation to pass. Click here to read more. https://www.australianunions.org.au/campaigns/close-the-loopholes/

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