Go Home on Time Day

Yesterday was Go Home on Time Day. Workers need to stop giving their time away for free. We know it’s difficult, when work is never ending, you feel the weight of responsibility for the service you’re helping to deliver, and when vacancies are rife across the state service.

You’re not alone. Across Australia, unpaid overtime exacts a terrible toll. Australians worked a total of 2.5 billion hours of unpaid overtime in 2022, worth $93 billion per year (Source: The Australia Institute).

Are you regularly staying late?

Have you considered a four-day week?

Did you know you can access a new compressed hours arrangement? This was a win locked-in during the Public Sector Union’s Wages Agreement.

Full-time day workers are eligible to work compressed hours. If you are a part-time day worker or a shift worker seeking flexibility, you can apply to alter your work pattern with a Workplace Flexibility Arrangement.

Find out more with the handy fact sheet below.

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