Unsure? Call your union before you take action.

We often hear from members after they’ve: 

  • Signed that contract.
  • Gone to that meeting with your manager.
  • Replied to that email. 

If you’re not sure, feel uncomfortable, are uncertain of your rights, or don’t really want to commit to a request without knowing where you stand–STOP and contact your union before taking action. 

You can contact your Workplace Delegate, Organiser, or our dedicated industrial team CPSUDirect on cpsudirect@tas.cpsu.com.au or on 6234 1708. 

We are here for Members – we are happy to answer questions, give advice, support, and reassurance. Don’t hesitate – it’s what your union Delegates, Organiser and CPSUDirect are here for. 

CPSU Members make life and work better.

Together CPSU members make life and work better for workers today and add a strong foundation for the next generation of Tasmanians delivering vital services.

CPSU membership is fully tax deductible, plus your exclusive Member Advantage benefits can help you save thousands of dollars every single year on groceries, gift shopping, petrol, holiday planning, insurance and more!

It really does pay to be union.

Change never happens on its own. Better pay and conditions, income security, and safer workplaces are possible when we stand together and speak with one voice.

2021 will be another big year with the State Service Review and changes to Industrial Relations being aggressively pursued by the Morrison Government.

You’re always stronger when you have thousands of union members by your side. Join the union for public sector workers today!

Expert Industrial Advice and Support – when you need it.

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