Bargaining Update

It’s been a busy year – with many wins over 2023, and we hope to lock-in more before 2024 arrives.

Here’s a wrap-up of where bargaining is at currently.

Correctional Officers Agreement

Bargaining is in full swing for Correctional Officers. We’ve had plenty of input from Members and held meetings across prisons over the last fortnight to hear from COs in person. The CPSU and UWU have put together a counter offer to add, improve and strengthen conditions, now members are giving feedback on this counteroffer.

We need to ensure prisons are staffed and the right conditions are in place, so Correctional Officers can be safe on the job and their important work is recognised.

Child Safety Service & Advice & Referral Line Agreement

Last week we raised concerns about the way DECYP were holding back information about the proposed Agreement and raised questions about the offer potentially cutting future earnings and limiting career opportunities. We wrote to Head of the State Service Jenny Gale to request a change to ensure all Child Safety & ARL workers would be deemed to meet the criteria for the AHP Agreement and receive access to all entitlements.

We have some hope on this, after negotiations continued until late on Friday last week.

These workers are in the middle of a recruitment and retention crisis – we cannot afford to lose more workers, as they are vital to protecting children and supporting families. The Commission of Inquiry made it clear we needed more staff and they need to be better paid.

Incident Management Operations Agreement

This Agreement is for workers who put up their hands to work in Incident Management Operations roles when emergencies strike.

Trying to secure an Agreement that recognises this work and sets in place fair conditions, has seen the Agency drag its heels – it’s been going on too long. We have an offer, and Delegates are currently giving us feedback – we hope to have an Agreement in place soon. These workers give up a lot to ensure people, lives and property are protected in the event of a fire or emergency – they deserve recognition of their work.

TasTAFE Agreement

Under Fair Work, Agreements just need to make a majority – the vote needs to return a vote of 50 percent plus one to be successful.

The vote returned was 197 workers in support of the agreement, and 138 workers voting no to return to the negotiating table for a better deal. Looking at the numbers – this is not a resounding victory. Many workers voted no and quite a decent percentage abstained from the vote.   So, it’s more of a ’hmmm, okay, I guess so’ rather than a resounding yes result. Despite the result, we were pleased to see that many of the member-secured Public Sector Union Wages Agreement Wins were included in the TasTAFE Agreement.

The CPSU is in it for the long haul – we want to ensure the details are in place so clauses can’t be misinterpreted. We look beyond these agreements to ensure workers won’t miss out when time for bargaining rolls around again. This means input from members and delegates – who are experts in these roles and know their services. As a member-led union, we always put you first and we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get into the nitty gritty with employers to ensure your rights, voice and pay are front and centre.

Find out more about becoming a Delegate – contact your Organiser or email CPSU@tas.cpsu.com.au to find out more about this important role that’s central to advancing workers’ rights.

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