Grinch of the Week

Unfortunately, this week’s Grinch goes to The Department of Premier & Cabinet for not paying the $500 Lower Income Payment until mid-January.

The cost of living is hurting, especially those on lower incomes. What could’ve been some reprieve for the expensive Christmas season, the lower income payment now won’t reach pay packets until the middle of January. Grinch.

This means hundreds of hardworking Service Tasmania staff will have to wait until well after Christmas for the payment.

A missed opportunity from the Department to show some good will, especially when the Agency’s own website states “$500 (pro rata) payable from the ffppcooa 1 December 2023”.

We are raising this issue with DPAC as we think it is totally against the spirit of these payments.

Is your Agency doing something similar with these payments? Let us know!

Email communications@tas.cpsu.com.au.

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