Frontline Health COVID Allowance Overpayment: the Details

Don’t panic. You might’ve heard about the mistake made around the payment of the Frontline Health COVID allowance.  Some members who are eligible for the allowance didn’t receive it and others who may not be eligible did receive it. This will be a busy time for your payroll colleagues who are working hard to ensure those eligible employees who missed out on the payment receive the allowance prior to Christmas. 

CPSUDirect has put together a fact sheet about your rights around overpayment if this error has impacted you.  

The headlines: 

Your Employer cannot automatically deduct amounts from future pays to recover an overpayment without your consent.  

You do not have to make any repayments to your Employer until there is a written and signed agreement between you and your Employer.  

You have the right to determine whether you repay the overpayment in instalments or as a lump sum. Your Employer cannot determine the repayment amount.   

If you need help writing a response to the Department, please contact CPSUDirect at CPSUDirect@tas.cpsu.com.au or on 6234 1708.  If you believe you were eligible for the allowance and didn’t receive it let your manager know and if it doesn’t get paid contact us. 

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